Rupert Grint Is Really Scared Of Spiders But Loves Miniature Animals

Rupert Grint and his Harry Potter character Ron Weasley have something in common: they are both afraid of spiders.  The Harry Potter alum admits that he’s so scared of the creepy crawlers that he checks his shoes before he puts them on and also his bed sheets and pillows.  Grint also admits that his arachnophobia is so bad that it even stops his from traveling.  Jeez, and I thought I hated spiders.  He definitely wins!

Although Rupert can’t stand spiders, he does have an affinity for animals, especially those of the miniature variety.  Already owning miniature pigs and hedgehogs, his family just picked up a pair of miniature donkeys named Shakespeare and Pandora.

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Hmm, interesting investment.  Maybe he should also invest in a good razor, looking a little rough watching a Wimbledon match with his HP costar Oliver Phelps. Boy needs a shave and a wash!  Rupert looks a little better, attending the  Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 photocall and fan meeting at Kinepolos Cinema in Madrid, Spain with Oliver and James Phelps.  The 5’o clock shadow is still not doing it for me.

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