Rupert Grint Encourages Brits To Stay Home [VIDEO]

March 23rd, 2012 // Leave a Comment
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In an advertisement promoting tourism within the United Kingdom, Rupert Grint and Downton Abbey‘s Michelle Dockery joined Stephen Fry and Julie Walters in Holidays At Home Are Great.  The $7.9 billion campaign encourages Brits to hit up vacation spots in their own backyard instead of traveling to, say, the Amalfi coast (or Disney World).

“No passports. No jabs. No visas. No Euros. No wonder holidays at home are so great.”

With Queen Elizabeth‘s Diamond Jubilee and the Olympics happening this summer,  Britain is making a big push with its GREAT campaign.  Playah please, I’m still high on the royal wedding.  You needn’t ask me more than once to pay a visit to Foggy London Town.

Dockery dressed in period garb while standing on the Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland, while Grint skipped along the rock ycoast of Anglesey saying “Well, if it’s good enough for Will and Kate…” 

By Kelly Lynch

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