RuPaul’s Drag U Recap – ‘Super Sisters’

First off, I must say, seeing Shannel playing guitar on top of a dolphin makes every Monday night so special for me! This week, on a very special RuPaul’s Drag U, the students are RuPaul’s three sisters. From his talented “fal-culty”, Ru selects Shannel, Raven and Jujubee
to transform Ru’s plain Jane sisters into fierce divas and as Ru warned
“This time, it’s personal.” (Of course, 90% of all women would look
like plain Janes next to RuPaul!) Let’s meet the ladies: 48-year-old
Rozy is Ru’s youngest sister (as we get some background on her, we get
to see a picture of she and Ru as kids and Ru is sporting one fantastic
afro!) She dresses very conservatively at work and admits that “sexing
it up at work” for her means putting on rouge in addition to lipstick.
Renetta, Ru’s second oldest sister, is 56. She has a problem focusing
on herself, as she tends to put other people’s needs before hers. She
really seems like an awesome, caring person. She wants Drag U to give
her the permission to be drop dead gorgeous. Renae is Renetta’s twin
sister and confesses that she always felt her sister was “the pretty
one” (I think, out of this bunch, Ru is the prettiest one of all.)
She’s hoping Drag U is able to make her feel better about herself. Ru
greets his sisters and explains the details of their experience at Drag
U – the gals aren’t getting any breaks just because they’re family -
they’re still being graded on their D.P.A. After a hearty “Ru-hah!”,
the gals head off to the drag lab, but not before Rozy ruins Ru’s “walk
this way” gag. Why do I think that this bit happened a lot in the
Charles household?

The ladies arrive in the drag lab (“more feathers, fringe and eyeliner than Little Richard’s
Rooty Tooty Tour!”) and are matched with their drag mentors. Rozy is
paired with Raven – who can’t wait to create her own “Mini Ru” (and
even gives us the Dr. Evil pinkie to the side of the mouth! Love you,
Raven!) Renae will be made over by Shannel (I’m a straight girl, but
I’ve gotta say it, Shannel has a really nice rack!) and Jujubee will be
working with Renetta. During their entrance exams, Shannel gets right
down to the nitty gritty and asks Renae where the weirdest place she
ever had sex was and seemed satisfied with the response (a swimming
pool). Raven asks Rozy what she does when the going gets tough. Rozy
says she faces it straight on, which Raven admires. She senses a diva
in Rozy, along with a fire and a  take no s**t attitude. Could be
trouble here! Juju asks Renetta if there’s anything she wouldn’t do (I
was assuming at Drag U, and was as surprised as Juju was when Renetta
said “ho”. I don’t think there’s going to be any ho challenges on the
show – although it would make for interesting TV. Oh wait, there has
already been a show with a ho challenge, we called it Rock of Love. Sorry, I almost forgot.)

Don’t flunk it up – there’s more Drag U after the jump!

It’s time to consult with the magical Dragulator to discover the
ladies’ drag personas. Rozy is up first and is transformed into the
glamorous Bianca Dinkins – complete with Ann Margret-esque red locks
and a purple gown (you can really see a lot of Ru in her!) Rozy said
the hair was a little “out there” for her and wasn’t sure how she was
going to pull it off. Renae becomes the bodacious blonde bombshell
Cupcake. She looks so cute! Renae says that to become Cupcake, she’s
going to need duct tape, lashes and spackle (but Shannel’s doing her
makeup, so she really doesn’t need all of that!) Renetta becomes Ru’s
alter ego, Starrbooty, complete with a fantastic blonde afro. Renetta
says “I like her”, Ru comes back with “She looks just like me and
you’re just “I like her”? (I thought the dragulated Rozy looks the most
like Ru, but that’s just me, I guess.) Renetta wants Starrbooty to have
an “air of sophistication” about her – and not look like “a street
hooker”. She’s very preoccupied with hookers, isn’t she? It’s
time for the ladies to work with Frank and learn how to strut their
stuff. As Juju tells us, “It hurts to be glamorous and these sisters
shall have no mercy.” As always, the gals are nervous about the
prospect of performing in front of their friends and families. In a
move that could not possibly surprise anyone, Frank selects the Sister Sledge
classic “We Are Family” for the girls’ final performance. Ru tells
Franks that even though he’s working with his sisters, he shouldn’t
take it easy on them, which Renae doesn’t seem to appreciate. Frank’s
delighted that all of the ladies are already assuming the “t-stance”
that all good models know (of course, they learned this from their
brother.) Frank doesn’t want the gals to look like mean drag divas
(like, according to Juju, Raven), he wants them to be happy, smiling
divas. They start to work on the choreography, and Juju’s alarmed that
Renetta is counting out loud as she tries to dance. Rozy is the best
dancer of the bunch and poor Renae is cursed with, as Shannel so
eloquently puts it “two left feet.” The ladies seem to get the steps
down, all they have to do now is inject some fun into it. Cue drag
divas! Raven is so cute, kicking off her heels to join in the fun, Juju
is really energetic and Shannel is just diva-licious (as always.) Side
note: who doesn’t know the words to “We Are Family”? Haven’t we all
been to enough wedding receptions? It’s back to the drag lab
to work on costumes. Raven’s concerned because Rozy’s conservative and
she’s not. Raven says it’s an “interesting conglomeration of
personalities.” Rozy is having problems with her outfit. She loves the
red hair and purple fabric – but not together, and not on her. Juju
asks Renetta if she’s comfortable with Starrbooty’s plunging neckow
line and asks if she’s okay with “showing off the girls”. Renetta’s
initially reluctant (obviously because she doesn’t want to be mistaken
for a streetwalker), but eventually gives in. Juju promises that “that
ass is gonna shake!” Shannel asks Renae if she’s good with the lines
and dimensions of her Cupcake costume. She likes the long gown because
it’s “glamorous” and even loves the blonde hair. Renae doesn’t want her
look to be too “over the top” though. Ummm…I think you’re on the
wrong show, sweetie. And, for the second time in four episodes, another
wig scandal! Shannel grabs for a wig that Juju had her eye on. Poor
Juju! She laments, “Why do all these queen bitches gotta take what’s
mine?” (I’m so getting that embroidered on a pillow!) Deprived
of the wig of her dreams, Juju decides to improvise, like the true drag
diva she is, and starts working with a platinum (really, white) wig
that she hopes to make into a Starrbooty-worthy ‘fro. It’s not really
working, in fact Rozy confides to Raven that her sister “looks like a
witch”. Ouch! Raven’s “falling in love” with Rozy because they both
tell it like it is. Renae notes that Rozy is the “bossy bully” of the
family. Juju wants to help Renetta learn to focus on herself and takes
her through a relaxing meditation. According to Juju, visulalization is
key to being a fierce diva because, “If you can’t see it, girl, you
can’t be it, girl!” (Another pillow-worthy quote! Maybe someone will
come up with the Juju Home Collection!) Juju takes Renetta (in her
mind) to a beach, where she can hear the seagulls and see naked men
jogging down the beach. Juju confesses, “When I’m blue, imagining tan,
naked men always cheers me up.” (Me too…as long as one of them is Jon Hamm!)
Raven chats with Rozy and Renee and asks wwhen they first saw Ru in
drag. Rozy says the first time she saw him in drag was at a family
reunion in 1992 (his “coming out” party). Gee, my family just gets
drunk and makes beer can pyramids on the counter. I want to be a part
of Ru’s family! (And, a dress beats those awful “family reunion”
t-shirts you’re often forced to wear at those gatherings!) Fortunately,
Ru’s mom was very accepting of her son’s lifestyle. That’s really
awesome to hear (and it’s why Ru amd his sisters are such cool people.)
Renetta’s meditation session with Juju seems to have paid off – she’s
singing “I’m gonna win, I’m gonna win!” Rozy is proud of what her
brother’s been able to accomplish and is still having trouble believing
she’s actually at Drag U — it’s a miracle! Renae takes a moment to
practice her strut. Juju thought it was “mediocre” and had Renetta show
off her walk as well. Shannel steps in to offer a few words of advice,
but is cut off by Rozy who asserts that she can show them how it’s
done. Oh no she didn’t! No one interrupts Shannel – and snaps in her
face! That Rozy’s got a set, doesn’t she? Ru comes into the
drag lab to check on his sisters. He asks Rozy what she thinks of her
look. She’s still not 100% on board with it. She says her un-made up
face is “kind of plain”. Ru says he once did her makeup and couldn’t
believe she didn’t walk around with that face all of the time. Rozy
said it took too much time (10 minutes!) Ru said, “Drag is about
creating a fantasy persona. It’s about doing all of the things you’ve
never done before, with no repercussions.” He equates dragulation to
the morning after pill. Rozy asks Ru how he knows about the morning
after pill and Ru says he’s high on them right now. Okee dokee. Rozy is
still not cool with the color of the dress and the color of the hair
together. Ru asks her what she wants and she says “something
slimming…and dark” to which Ru snarkily remarks “something to match
your soul” (Ha!) Raven comes back with “that’s the same thing she said
about you!” Oh, how I long to be a fly on the wall in the drag lab!
Knowing she didn’t like the dress too much, Ru pulled a little black
number out of his archive especially for his sister. It’s a knockout.
Raven is envious. I am too, girl! Ru also offers one of his gowns to
Renae and Renetta (as long as you’re giving them out…can I have one
too? The best part about getting a dress from Ru is that you could make
a second dress from all of the material you’d have to cut off on the
bottom!) Ru told Juju a story about Renetta put some cookies in a brown
paper bag, grabbed a blanket and took Ru on a magical picnic.
Awww…what a cute story! On Draguation day, the queens
(Shannel is in a Cher wig. Oh, be still my heart!) arrive to help the
gals with the finishing touches on their looks. Shannel is delighted
that Renae has really been thinking about her dress and wants to add a
tulle mermaid piece to the bottom of her gown. Rozy visits with Ru for
a little one-on-one time and tells him she’s confident that she’s going
to win. Ru says her confidence and fire remind him of their mother.
Rozy aims to make Bianca Dinkins a “sophisticated hoochie” and feels
she can be conservative and sexy. Ummm…I think someone else is on the
wrong show….Rozy and Raven were working on their dress and noticed
Renae passed out on a sofa. She confessed she was exhausted.
Dragulation is hard work! Renae pops in to see Ru and says Drag U is
going to add some pizazz back into her life. Ru told her she was always
the sex kitten of the family and showed an old photo of her. She
lamented that things “stayed in place” back then. Ru tells Renae that
she can use the super heroine, glamazon power of Cupcake in her
everyday life and sends her back to the lab. Shannel knew that Renae
was still having trouble with the lip synch and gave her some helpful
advice – if she forgets the words, all she needs to do is mouth out
“watermelon bubblegum” and “vagina”. Shannel swears that this works.
Juju is concerned about Renetta’s “hip action” and to help her, brings
out the hula hoops. Juju claims hula hooping made her the sexy drag
queen she is today. I’m getting a hula hoop. Ru tells Renetta that he
always felt she was his “soul sister” and he tears up a little when he
recalls all she did for him – and he thanks her for helping him out. He
hopes her experience can allow her to celebrate her beauty because she
deserves it. What a sweet family! As the gals get glammed up
in the lab, their friends and family arrive for draguation. Renae is
feeling like Cupcake, Rozy’s feeling pampered and Renetta feels pretty.
It’s time to draguate, bitches! Oh goody! Raven’s wearing her “Barbra
Streisand in Star is Born” afro wig!)  Ru takes the stage in a plaid
suit and red shoes (hated it!) and introduces our “fal-culty”, Frank, Lady Bunny (who we really need more of on this show! I love her!) and our visiting professor, the pixie-ish Kelly Osbourne
(really, when did she get so cute? She used to scare the crap out of
me.) Raven brings Bianca Dinkins to the stage – and she does look like
Mini-Ru! Juju introduces Starrbooty and Renetta need not worry about
looking like a ho – she looks great (and, it also appears Ru lent his
sisters some wigs. There’s NO WAY the wigs all three ladies were
working on in the lab could come out looking this good!) Last but not
least, it’s time for Cupcake, and she looks awesome  – and more like Ru
than I thought she would (she’s got his smile…and his great wig too)!
During the oral examination, Rozy says being at Drag U with her sisters
was a “wonderful experience” and discovered that her sisters were
“losers”. Renetta said the hardest part of her transformation was
“getting past the point that I deserved this”and gave the crowd a
RuPaul-worthy “You bettah werk!” Renae discovered that she could be
more glamorous and take a little more care in her work wardrobe (she’s
a teacher). Ru asked her what her students would say if she showed up
in her Cupcake gear and she joked that they’d probably call the local
news station. Here’s the first round of grades for the sisters:Rozy/Bianca DinkinsBunny: B+Frank: BKelly: B+D.P.A.: 3.22   Renetta/StarrbootyBunny: B-Frank: A-Kelly: AD.P.A.: 3.44 Renae/CupcakeBunny: A+Frank: BKelly: B+D.P.A.: 3.55It’s
time for the final dragxamination! As always, each lady is confident
that she’ll win. Ru acknowledges his three great sisters and says that
if their mother were there, that she’d say that Ru was still her
favorite. Let the music play! They are too cute as they lip synch
(although you can see Renetta is still counting. Poor uncoordinated
thing!) Renae didn’t even have to resort to “watermelon bubblegum”.
They did look like they had a lot of fun, and that’s all that really
matters. Here are the final grades:   Rozy/BiancaBunny: CFrank: BKelly: C+Renetta/StarrbootyBunny: C- Frank: B-Kelly: CRenae/CupcakeBunny: DFrank: B-Kelly: AAnd,
with a D.P.A. of 3.05, the top draguate of RuPaul’s Drag U is Cupcake!
Shannel does it again – she’s two for two! (Oh, and Shannel, I want
your boots!) Until next week, everybody say love!