RuPaul’s Drag U Season 2 – Meet the Faculty: Pandora Boxx

Today’s featured “fal-culty” member is the one and only Pandora Boxx. The winner of the Miss Congeniality title on season two of RuPaul’s Drag Race, this fierce, fabulous and funny queen has amassed a loyal fan following and continues to keep us laughing with her upcoming single “Cooter”. Pandora took some time out of her incredibly busy schedule to chat with us about her cross-country move, her experience on the second season of RuPaul’s Drag U and the song she’d choose if she ever had to “lip sync for her life “again!

Socialite Life: What have you been up to since we last spoke?
Pandora Boxx: So much!  I’m relocating to LA, which has been the main focus these past few months. It’s a lot to sell a house and move across the country! I also have my first single called “Cooter!” coming out soon with a music video.  And of course, throw in traveling to someplace in the country every weekend.  I’m a busy Fake Lady!

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SL: What prompted your move to LA?
Pandora: I love Rochester (New York) but I need to be where there are more opportunities.  It was either NYC or LA and LA won out because it’s warmer. There are also more television opportunities there and that’s what I’d love to do more of.

SL: How was the move? And, more importantly, have you made the adjustment to being a west coast queen?
Pandora: I’ll get back to you in a few weeks on this one! We will be driving across country in like a week. I do not like looking for apartments, I’ll tell you that much.  Life is definitely more expensive in LA too.  So that’s an adjustment.

SL: What was it like to return to Drag U for the second season?

Pandora: I was excited to return to RuPaul’s Drag U because I feel like it’s an amazing show that really helps women feel fabulous about themselves.

SL: Did you find this season’s experience any different from last season? If so, how?
Pandora: The show is so much better than last season, in my opinion. I think the kinks have been worked out. There’s more focus on the women themselves and less about silly drama.

Although with everyone’s schedule we all didn’t get to be around each other while we were there.  The first season we were there for the shoot the whole time.  I did miss that bonding with the other queens.

SL: Is working on the show as much fun as it looks?
Pandora: Well… I would say yes because it’s fun to work with the other queens and more importantly to make the women feel fabulous about themselves. It’s really rewarding.  But I hesitated to say yes because the days are long, long, long. It’s a long time to be in full drag.

SL: You work with Bebe Zahara Benet and Mariah this season. What was it like working with them?
Pandora: Hell! No I’m totally kidding. It was great to work with them because I didn’t know either of them before we worked together. It was wonderful to bond with them. They are both a lot of fun to be around.

SL: Do you still stay in touch with the delightful Erin Murphy?
Pandora: I do! I love Erin! Now that I’ll be in LA I hope I’ll get to see her more. She’s a great person and has such a warm, fun personality.  You can find her on Facebook and she’s on Twitter: @Erin_Murphy

SL: You’re not doing the celebrity makeovers this season, but, if you could, what celebrity would you like to give a Drag U makeover to?
Pandora: I’m pissed I’m not! Okay, so maybe “pissed” is an overstatement but I was really bummed not to be doing it. I would love to give Justin Bieber a RuPaul’s Drag U makeover.  She needs a new lesbian ‘do.

SL: Did you pick up any helpful tips from the other queens?
Pandora: I think you can always learn at anything you do. I’m always picking up things here and there.  The Drag U gals are a great bunch to learn from!

SL: Any new words of wisdom from RuPaul or Lady Bunny?
Pandora: Let’s see… “Gerkin”. My new favorite segment of the show is “A Word From RuPaul.” I think it’s genius and funny. Lady Bunny is a nut! She really makes me laugh. She’s got that corny sense of humor with a bit of filth tossed it. She really makes it work. They both are brilliantly funny. There’s an intelligence behind the humor, even in the silliest of jokes. I think that’s why the are so good at what they do.

SL: What do you feel was your biggest challenge this season?
Pandora: Getting a word in with Bebe [Zahara Benet] around. That lady likes to talk!

SL: What, if anything, did you gain from your Drag U experience this season?
Pandora: I was really moved by the changes in the women I worked with and that the other gals worked with. I just felt so sad to see how unhappy they felt about themselves.  But to see the change happen, like that light bulb went on in their heads. It’s powerful. I had tears in my eyes more than once. That’s why this isn’t a makeover show. Makeovers don’t change people’s lives. It makes them look good for a few hours and then they can never duplicate that look again at home. This is about changing the way these woman feel from the inside. Showing them something they never thought the could do.

SL: There’s been a lot of Emmy talk surrounding Drag Race – why do you think the show is so popular – and continues to grow in popularity?
Pandora: Drag shows have always been popular and with RuPaul’s Drag Race it takes the popularity of drag shows and meshes it with the popularity of reality competition shows.  Drag is just fun and people like watching it. The show also gives you a peak behind the scenes which any drag queen will tell you is where the real show is!

SL: Have you picked up any new beauty tips or discovered any must-have beauty products since we last talked?
Pandora: I can’t live without my dazzleglass lipgloss from MAC. Amazing! I swear by Albolene as a makeup remover. It takes off everything and leaves you with smooth skin! The main product line I use now is called Jock Soap. Great products! They have some things women could use too. Their Shore Leave is my favorite shaving cream, ever.

SL: Of course, we all still remember your spot-on impersonation of Carol Channing from Drag Race. Who’s been inspiring you lately?
Pandora: Raspberries! I’m always inspired by things around me. I feel like the move to LA is inspiring me to be more creative.  Especially in my regular drag numbers.

SL: On Twitter, you asked your fans what song they’d  choose to “Lip Sync for Their Lives” (mine would have to be “Got to Be Real” by Cheryl Lynn, by the way). What song would be your choice?
Pandora: Great song! For me it’s a tough choice. I have so many favorites. I’m living for “How Will I Know” by Whitney Houston right now. Sometimes songs just get stuck on repeat in my head and I can’t get them out. I would also love “Jump” by Madonna, “Joyride” by Roxette, “Just Like a Pill” by Pink, “Rolling in the Deep” by Adele or “Dirty Laundry” by Lisa Marie Presley. So there’s a few! Not “Shake Your Love” by Debbie Gibson which is what I got. I love me some Debbie but not that song.

SL: What’s next for you? (I can’t wait for your new single, “Cooter”) I am hoping for a Pandora Boxx/Julie Brown duet!
Pandora: My “Cooter!” is the biggest thing coming up. We pushed back the release of the single because we want to get the music video done first. We are shooting it in August so after that’s done they can both be released.

I would love to do something with Julie Brown! We’ve actually briefly started talking about doing something together. I’m such a huge fan of hers.

SL: You were so great as the emcee of One Night Stand Up: Dragtastic NYC – any thoughts of doing more stand up?
Pandora: I do stand-up usually wherever I travel too. Well, at least a little bit of it mixed in with the drag show. I’m working on putting together a one “woman” show to do in NYC soon. I’d love to travel with it afterwards.

SL: Do you think you’d ever do any acting/performing as Michael?
Pandora: Yes I do. Although Pandora seems to have taken over my life. I have some of my sketch comedy that I did as myself. Well, they were characters but they were not Pandora! That’s part of the reason for the move too – to hopefully do some things without Ms. Boxx involved.

SL: Any message for your devoted Fandoras?
Pandora: I have nothing but complete and love for each and every Fandora! It’s amazing to me just how many there are and how much they seem to care about me. It seems to go beyond a fan thing. The messages and support I get are filled with nothing but love and it’s an amazing feeling. So I send the love right back! Thank you all for everything!

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