‘RuPaul’s Drag U’ Is In Session – Ask Pandora Boxx!

It’s time for another tutorial from our favorite drag professor from RuPaul’s Drag UPandora Boxx! This week,  we’re talking shapewear. Did you ever wonder how these ladyboys achieve their killer curves? Well, Pandora pulls back the curtain and shares her knowledge about the best ways to whittle your waist and emphasize your best assets! Get a fierce figure!

This week’s question comes from Socialite Life reader Eva Amore, who asks: “How do I make myself have a more girlish figure? I don’t know how you know how you do it where I should start. Any advice? XO”

Pandora says: It’s all about body shapers Eva!  Corsets are a girl’s best friend and have been around since about the 16th century.  A very good friend of mine, Dallas Coulter makes extraordinary corsets and you can find her here. They pull everything in and give you that hourglass figure. There’s also Spanx and various other shapers out on the market.  Look for a thicker material if you want something that is really going to work. A thin layer of spandex with no support is not going to work well. There’s a lot of cheap imitation shapers out there.

Take it from Pandora, she knows her stuff. Don’t forget, this is the queen who strapped Bewitched star Erin Murphy into a duct tape corset on season one of Drag U! There’s lots more tips and tricks to come on this season of RuPaul’s Drag U, so tune in tonight at 9pm EST on Logo and get your learn on!

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