1. bobs

    Delta Work? That unstable pile of trash? Gimme Stacy or Shangela. Please.

  2. Johnc

    Oh please… good riddance to bad (cheap) rubbish. It’s about time they sent SHAMgela home. I certainly hope they don’t bring back that green eyed creature for a third time.

    She does have a good stage presence and a good eye for comedy when on stage, but her appearance is somewhat akin to a crack whore coming home after a week long of partying.

    Alexis can’t seem to understand that drag is not about looking like a 1960′s quinceañera… please change that hairstyle!

    Yara is hilarious and I’m enjoying her more each show… Manila is fun and, I suspect, the victim of bad editing. Raja was hilarious… she’s more performance drag than a performer (huh?) … I *LOVE* her, but propose she would not be a terrific all around drag queen.

    Who do I want back? Carmen is beautiful and I’d love to see him (by the way, did he ever work at the Townhouse NYC???) but he’s DULL as dirt in his act… Delta Work… would be someone whom I’d like to see. He did do a couple of terrific lip synchs despite losing one.

  3. coco

    Heathers are mean girls. They’re all about looks but when it’s real performance, they suck, no personality and boring.

  4. AdamA

    Raja and Manila are both plenty entertaining. Now Carmen, THERE’s an empty dress (when she wears one).

    The Heathers thing has had its ups and downs of entertainment value, but damn if Manila/Raja weren’t making me cry with laughter in Untucked.

    Manila: Oh Heather, it’s gonna be so hard to say goodbye, and watch you drive away to the airport!
    Raja: Oh, I hope my mascara doesn’t run when you leave, Heather! That would really suck!
    Manila: Yeah! Because it would get all stuck in your wrinkles.


  5. Kit

    Venus is HARDCORE. I would to see her srsly compete but Raja has this on lock.

  6. valentiine amo a yara sofia

    deverian haber mas videos

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