RuPaul’s Drag Race – ‘Ru Ha Ha’

Nicolette won’t be joining me this week as she (much like myself) are still saddened by the loss of Stacy Layne Bryant Matthews Lattisaw Q. We miss her already, but apparently, we’re the only ones. Delta is now the only remaining “big girl” and knows that he’s up against some really stiff competition and, as he put it “it’s getting personal”. Shangela confronted Manila about his comments on the runway – where he said he was tired of Shangie’s big mouth. Manila said it came off a lot harsher than he intended. Shangela isn’t buying it. He feels Manila has more faces that he has blisters on his feet after a show. Ouch! (For the comment as well as the blisters!) Manila also reminds Shangela that it is a competition and he wants to win. I would have loved to hear more of that conversation but…girl! You got She Mail!

Ru tells the queens that although drag is a serious business, but sometimes, queens take themselves too seriously. Boy Ru comes in (side note: can they get someone to fix that damn squeaky door in the workroom?) decked out in a leather jacket, jodhpurs, riding boots and a beret. I am totally loving this look on him for some reason! Ru announces that, in the great tradition of Paris is Burning (the great documentary about the drag ball scene – rent it!), the “library” is open and it’s time for the queens to read each other. For this week’s mini challenge, the queens must read (or throw shade) each other. “Reading” seems to be the gay equivalent of the Comedy Central roasts – sans a drunken Courtney Love (who would make the best Drag Race judge EVER! Think about it, Ru.) Yara is first, puts on the “reading glasses” (which I believe could have been stolen from Dame Edna) and starts to read the queens. As with everything Yara does, you can’t understand a word of it, but it’s still funny! It seems throwing shade at Delta because of her weight is a common thread.

Check out some of the reads this video clip after the jump (plus more of the recap!):

Last up is Shangela – and I’m expecting legendary shade here – and he delivers! He starts by looking at Delta and saying “Mimi Imfurst!” and it just gets better from there. Not surprisingly, Miss Haleloo wins the challenge. Ru announces that for the main challenge, the queens have to develop a stand-up comedy routine. In order to help them put an act together, they get a one-on-one comedy workshop with comedienne Rita Rudner (I’m jealous!) In addition to the comedy routine, they have to put together an outfit worthy of a “queen of comedy”. Raja is terrified. He’s worried that Shangela, who has been doing comedy for a while, is going to kick ass. Alexis asks Shangela if he thinks he’s got an advantage because of his previous experience. Shangie says no, because comedy’s “hit or miss” (having seen Shangela doing stand-up, I think he’s lulling his fellow queens into a false sense of security. If that’s what he’s doing, well played!) Alexis wants himself, Yara and Shangela to be successful to keep their group strong against the “Heathers” (or, as Shangela put it “team talent vs team look” – you can draw your own conclusions as to who’s in what group.) The queens are having a great deal of difficulty getting their stand-up routines together. Delta points out that the workroom’s never been so quiet. Shangie helps Yara and gets some tips on makeup in exchange in this week’s second clip:

Ru moves on to the other queens to check their progress. Manila tells Ru he wants to go back to the TV shows he grew up on as a kid (like Sesame Street) and show how gay they really were. Ru implies that he’s probably heard all of those jokes before and tells him to get back to work. Will Manila take this advice? Alexis tells Ru that he’s never done stand-up before, but is planning on taking the stage as Alexis Mateo and sharing her “Coming to America ‘sperience”. Ru feels Delta will very funny, since much of comedy is drawn from a “dark place”. Delta makes it clear that he doesn’t want to veer into “Poor me” territory and thinks he can win. Ru gets the queens ready for their “chutzpah, uniqueness, nerve and talent” workshop with Rita. Since Shangie won the mini challenge, he gets 10 extra minutes with Rita (not like he needs it!) He also gets to choose the line-up for the comedy showcase. Ru then informs the queens that their second guest judge for the week is Mad TV star Arden Myrin and that they’ll be performing their stand-up in front of an actual audience. Shangela tells the queens he’s come up with his line-up for the evening – starting with Raja (“biting the bullet”), then Carmen, Alexis, Shangela, Manila, Yara and Delta. Carmen and Manila have a pow-wow and the bottom line is that none of the queens should NOT have seen Shangela as a threat.

The queens get to meet with the awesome Rita Rudner for a little comedy coaching. Manila didn’t seem to get much feedback from his whole “Sesame Street was gay” routine. Alexis inspires Rita with a joke about his coming to America. She wisely suggests he say that he arrived in this country “first class” by sitting at the “front of the raft”. Rita’s concerned that Raja’s basing his whole routine on the movie Carrie (BTW, LOVE Raja’s “Cher Guevara” shirt! I need one, stat!) Delta comes out armed with a million fat jokes (I SO thought that was above him!) Shangela claims he’s never performed as a character, but his “pimp-ho” already smells like a front runner. Yara decides to do his routine as a little person and, as most stuff Yara does, it was pretty much incomprehensible (but still funny!) Carmen was having a lot of trouble trying to find his inner comic and ended up leaving the stage without the valuable coaching.

The next day, when the queens return to the workroom, Delta is upset the he can’t find some quiet space to work on his lines. Raja feels bad that his Dreamgirls sister is having such a struggle with the challenge. Carmen decides to wear a soft sculpture fat suit, complete with red sequined pasties. Raja perfectly describes it as “so too much. So weird.” Carmen insists it’s going to work, but some of the queens (like Shangela) think she just signed her “sashay away” papers. It’s runway time and Ru is looking fabulous as always. After a little banter with Michelle, Billy B, Rita and Arden, it’s time for the queens to take the stage and make us (and the audience) laugh. Raja comes out in the coolest Carrie-inspired drag ever. I think I just found my Halloween costume. He was naughty but really funny. Carmen came out with a huge fur coat, covering that hot mess of a fat suit. He went to a lot of obvious fat jokes, adding a few jabs at shows like I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant (“I want to sit on the toilet and become a mother.”) before the big reveal. Speaking of big reveals, Alexis came out with an obscene set of boobs. He was very energetic, but not so funny (he messed up the front of the raft joke) and his boobs were really awful! Shangela nailed it, as I suspected he would. He had a great “post modern pimp-ho” character and even wore too-small shoes, so his toes hung over the front – a nice touch. Manila’s outfit was also fantastic – a tribute to Big Bird, complete with the striped stockings. LOVE it! His material, not so fresh. Bert and Ernie gay jokes have been told a million times before. It’s too bad, because he looked so cute. Yara Sofia came out on his knees in a Spanish señorita outfit and told (from what I could comprehend) a lot of dick jokes. As always, can’t really understand him, but he is absolutely hilarious. Delta came out in one of those awful bikini t-shirts, pink fuzzy slippers, gold lame leggings and a blond wig with obvious roots. Loved the look – hope the jokes match (I know Delta does a Roseanne Barr impersonation, so I’m hoping that’s the direction he chose for his act.) Sadly, his act was kind of bittersweet and not very funny. Uh-oh.

Judges gotta judge. Rita loved Raja’s act and Arden thought she looked fabulous. Rita was glad that Carmen was able to pull his act together and Michelle said she was really proud of him. And, in true Carmen fashion, he had to show off his real curves in a barely-there black thing (looked like a few strips of electrical tape and a black bra top.) Rita thought Alexis relied too much on his novelty boobs and Michelle noted his verbal crutch of using “honey” way to much. Rita loved Shangela’s concept and Michelle was so glad to see his improved makeup application (he blended!) Everyone loved Manila’s look, but Michelle called him out on the Sesame Street jokes not being original. Not surprisingly, everyone loved Yara. Delta was called out for being nervous. Delta admitted he went off track, but felt he was being “organic”. Michelle told him to get out of his head. After the queens went to the Interior Illusions Lounge, the judges continued deliberating. They all wanted to know more about Raja and felt that was lacking in his act. Rita and Michelle were so happy to see Carmen’s progress. Ru was disappointed that Alexis rushed through his routine. Shangela was complimented on his original character, catchphrase and makeup. Ru said Manila’s routine felt very familiar. Billy said he thought there was some original material in there but it didn’t seem fresh overall. Ru summed up Yara’s act the best – “That bitch is crazy!” –  and equated his act to something Andy Kaufman would do. Rita thought Delta’s act started out good but went to a dark, sad place.

The results are in. Alexis is safe, as is Raja. Manila is up for elimination. Shangela wins! He so deserved that, and no one can really argue with that (as Ru said, he “bitch slapped the competition”). For his efforts, Shangela wins a gown and jealous glares from the other queens. The best image from this episode was watching Alexis try to navigate his novelty boobs around in order to give Shangela a congratulatory hug. Yara and Carmen are also safe, leaving my girl Delta to lip sync for his life against Manila. The song they’re singing this week is the disco gem “MacArthur Park” by Donna Summer. As much as I love Miss Delta, Manila really turned it out. Ru seemed honestly impressed with the performance and, as expected, told Delta it was time for him to sashay away. I’m so sad! So’s Raja, Delta’s Dreamgirels sister and fellow “Heather”. All of the Heathers came up to give him a farewell hug. We’re down to the final 6, can you believe it? And, while we’re at it, can I get an “Amen”?

Oh, and for all of you Meamsters out there, former Drag Racer Mimi Imfurst released the video for his band XELLE’s single “Party Girl”, check it out!

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