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Hailing from the land that has brought us of some of Drag Race’s fiercest queens, Puerto Rico, this week’s featured “queen-testant” is the big, bold and beautiful Madame LaQueer! Although Madame sashayed away after only 4 episodes, she racked up some impressive triumphs – including her mini-challenge mug shot win with Willam and taking the crown during the week 2 WTF wrestling challenge alongside fellow “Bitch Kicker” Chad Michaels – and, of course, she wowed on the runway. We chat with this ravishing Puerto Rican about representing her home country, her own personal “her-story” and her favorite Drag Race memories in our exclusive interview!  

Socialite Life: Tell us a little bit about yourself.
Madame LaQueer: I’m a crazy, easy going, open-minded, drag queen, nerd and geek just for the love of it. I’m actually a little shy, but once you get me going… there is no stopping. I was born and raised in Carolina Puerto Rico. My Mother is American by nationality and my dad is Puerto Rican…I come from a low class household, but thank God…I was an only child! (I have) no brothers or sisters (biologically)…  

SL: How did you get started in drag?
Madame LaQueer: My mother left at the age of 15 and my father left at the age of 19…forcing me to be on my own and take charge of my own life…that was when Madame La Queer was born! Out of necessity…tips helped me pay for the food I laid on my table!

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SL: You mentioned you looked like a “clown on a bad day” the first time you dressed in drag. Can you tell me a little more about that?
Madame LaQueer: Well, I had my best friend at that time do my make up…trusting my face to someone who barely was learning to strike a shadow was huge. I thought I had Picasso as a painter and that I’m Vanessa Williams in the 90s! He used on my eyes colors like yellow, blue, orange, purple a little black and a little white… to make me prettier, he drew two eyebrows on my face (actually there were 3 because of my real one…he tried to cover it… but it just didn’t went through! I thought it was the shit!) and he did my nose contouring with red (at my request, because I thought it was fierce! LOL…I looked like I had allergies!

SL: You told us your drag idols are RuPaul, Nina Flowers and Jackie Beat.  Who else inspires you?
Madame LaQueer: Erica Andrews from Texas has been a great inspiration for me for a long time… I loved everything she did. There is also a drag from Puerto Rico who actually is my original drag mother. She currently hosts a local talk show in Puerto Rico, her name is Dreuxila Divine. Her attitude was fierce. They say that imitation is the best form of flattery and everything she did, I wanted to do, just like a role model. Then there is my real drag mother who made me learn everything I know, from good to bad. And for last there is Monica Munro from Chicago Illinois… Fabulous entertainer and imposing personality. That was all I wanted for Madame LaQueer…I like to be imposing and powerful…I like to be noticed.

SL: How would you describe your look?
Madame LaQueer: My look is somewhere between an avant garde, powerful yet sweet to the eye with an “I-don’t-care-what-you-say” attitude!

SL: What do you enjoy most about performing?
Madame LaQueer: Cheers… I love and enjoy a good, responsive audience. Bad audiences are like kryptonite to me, they weaken me. I love applause, cheers, screams and noise whenever I’m performing! I like to see them react while doing my thing. I’m addicted to cheering! I love it…(but) sometimes I’ll just settle for a smile. That means that my job as entertainer has been accomplished!  

SL: Where is your favorite place to perform?  
Madame LaQueer: So far, I haven’t been in very many venues…but Escuelita in New York so far and California… ugh! They live for drag! I know when good drag is being appreciated when there are coins on the floor to back it up!

SL: What can people expect to see when they come see you perform?
Madame LaQueer: Well…don’t expect anything but a quality performance. Whether it is high energy, mild, comic or dramatic, it will be memorable.  

SL: Have you ever had an embarrassing moment on stage?  
Madame LaQueer: I’ve tripped like 12 times during performances! I even broke a wrist and twisted my ankle while performing! But (there’s) nothing more embarrassing than trying to eat a hamburger during your performance, and choke on it. I had to steal someone’s drink!  

SL: What do you think separates you from the other queens?
Madame LaQueer: My style is unique! It’s no style! LOL…what I mean is that I’m not a trend follower, not into seasonal fashion statements… I dress as I see fit…I plan some part of it…but the rest of it comes randomly! So, it’s my own style!

SL: You’re going to draw parallels to some of Ru’s other Puerto Rican queens (like Yara Sofia and Jessica Wild). What do you think makes you stand out among them?
Madame LaQueer: I believe that we all are fierce entertainers and we have nothing to envy other queens! Puerto Rican queens have a reputation in which we all stand and will continue to be simply the best of the best! I’m known for my music mixes…you’re never gonna know what comes next! I’m wildly unpredictable!

SL: Yara introduced us to “Echa Pa Lante” – do you have a unique catch phrase?
Madame LaQueer: I will make up my own language LOL…(I) can’t say anymore!  

SL: How do you think your experience as a make-up artist has helped you as a drag queen?
Madame LaQueer: What would a Queen be without a mug, mami? The streets have been my school… studying and practicing! That came in handy of course…I wanted to make myself every time even fiercer!

SL: What was it like working with RuPaul?
Madame La Queer: It was great…such an amazing experience. Although we don’t get to meet him like on a up close way… we do get to work with him on the set, and enough said by stating that is a privilege to work in the same room as Ru Charles AKA RuPaul Supermodel of the World! I live when he said “You’re in the way of mommy’s camera!” to any of the girls!  

SL: What was it like working with the other queens?
Madame LaQueer: Amazing…I feel honored to be sharing this season with such well-rounded entertainers.  

SL: What would people be surprised to know about you?
Madame LaQueer: That I can speak Swahili…LOL…not!  

SL: What do you hope people will learn about you from the show?
Madame LaQueer: That no matter what, you always need to be yourself. Use drag first and foremost to entertain and keeping in mind that you need to please yourself. You need to be comfortable with who you are in your own skin before being able to transform into somebody else!

SL: What song would be your dream song to “lip sync for your life”?
Madame LaQueer: “Air Mail Special” by Ella Fitzgerald.

SL: What words of wisdom do you live by?
Madame LaQueer: No regrets! And….everybody is an asshole unless proven different. Just give them the chance to prove it!

SL: Could you share one of your beauty tips with us?
Madame LaQueer: Hell, no! Just kidding…well, remember that make up is whatever you make it up to be. I love to be painted to hell and back! So my best tip is whatever you do…sell it! Inside beauty reflects on the outside!

SL: What one beauty item can you not live without?
Madame LaQueer: As I said…lashes! Lashes! Lashes! It’s all about the eye!  

SL: What are you hoping to gain from your experience on the show?
Madame LaQueer: To start a new life. The one that I wanted ever since I knew I wanted to become an entertainer. To be able to be fierce, inspiring and always with a message and at the same time get paid big time for it. What other joy can you have than making your passion into your income. It’s priceless…(not literally)!  

SL: Any upcoming news, future projects or events you’d like to share with us?
Madame LaQueer: Well, yes…I’m gonna start my web page project in which I will promote myself as a Drag Queen and as a Computer DJ… (Yes I mix… all of my music is done by me). I also do music for countless Queens from Puerto Rico and the USA – like Yara Sofia’s Cher Mix, Kim Moore’s Cats Mix…and Jiggly Caliente’s Amazon Princess and Dora mix!

SL: How can your fans best stay in touch with you?  
Madame LaQueer: You can add my fan page on Facebook, you can follow me on Twitter @MadameLaQueer or contact me via my email address exclusively for my fans: (I will always answer them)! is coming soon and for booking info… or call 303-807-3110. 

SL: Thanks for your time! Best of luck in all of your future endeavors!
Madame La Queer: THANK YOU!!    

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