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The self-proclaimed “love child” of Beyoncé, Kimora Lee and Carrie Bradshaw, DiDa Ritz is a Windy City queen who blew into RuPaul’s Drag Race with designs to take the crown of America’s Next Drag Superstar! Possessing a sparkling personality and legs that won’t quit, this Chi-town glamazon has had her share of highs (her performance in Hot in Tuckahoe) and lows (having had to lip sync for her life already) – but she’s proven that she’s a survivor and she means business! Will she be able to make it all the way to the top? DiDa talks about being the “son of a preacher man”, her many inspirations and more in our exclusive interview. Are you ready for a slice of this cheesecake? Dig in!

Socialite Life: Tell us a little bit about yourself.
DiDa Ritz: I’m from Lansing, Michigan. It’s cute but too boring for me. I like to be a busybody! LOL!

SL: How did you get started in drag?
DiDa: I was working on my portfolio and couldn’t find the right person to model my work, so I dressed myself up and there DiDa Ritz was born!

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SL: Your bio says your father is a pastor. How does your family feel about your performing in drag?
DiDa: At first it was hard but they came around. I mean, you’re a pastor and your son start dressing in drag…I’m sure it’s hard to handle. That’s what we have come to understand. We take it day by day. But my family members are my biggest fans – they want the world for me.

SL: How did you come up with your name?
DiDa: I love Dita Von Teese (but just changed a few letters around) and the Ritz Carlton is my favorite hotel EVER!

SL: Who are your biggest influences or inspirations?
DiDa: High energy performers and crazy fashion icons. Beyoncé, Carrie Bradshaw, Michael Jackson, Iman, Prince, Josephine Baker, Kimora Lee, Cyd Charisse, Chanel. I’m kinda all over the place when it come to my love affair with fashion.

SL: How would you describe your look?
DiDa: I guess you can say one moment I’m banjee, I’m edge, I’m glamor, I’m pretty. I like to play around with different looks and trends. I never like to follow, I always try to set.

SL: What do you enjoy most about performing?
DiDa: I love being a entertainer for a lot of reasons. The best part for me is I always have felt like a hippie at times  – I just wanna spread love. When I perform I’m spreading love and bring different people together

SL: Where is your favorite place to perform?
DiDa: Hydrate Night Club in Chicago – it’s my home bar, and where I first started.

SL: What can people expect to see when they come see you perform?
DiDa: A lot of hair tossing energy!!!!

SL: Have you ever had an embarrassing moment on stage?
DiDa: Oh yes! Last night I was doing a show and my strap broke but I kept going with it. I try not let those things distract my show.

SL: What do you think separates you from the other queens?
DiDa: I’ve always felt one of kind when it came to thinking me and other people and how to stand out or separate myself – LOL! But I will say, this season we are all so different.

SL: What was it like working with RuPaul?
DiDa: The most amazing thing ever! Seeing RuPaul in drag made you wanna paint more, add flash, and stack hair to the high heavens! It was a dream.

SL: What was it like working with the other queens?
DiDa: It’s hard to describe…I guess a cross between a frat house and backstage at Paris week, with a dash of smoke and mirrors…LOL!

SL: What would people be surprised to know about you?
DiDa: I can eat a lot.

SL: What do you hope people will learn about you from the show?
DiDa: That I’m a strong motivator and competitor.

SL: What song would be your dream song to “lip sync for your life”?
DiDa: Anything by Nicki Minaj.

SL: What words of wisdom do you live by?
DiDa: Seize the moment!

SL: Could you share one of your beauty tips with us?
DiDa: The trick of Vaseline on your teeth – it works! LOL!

SL: What one beauty item can you not live without?
DiDa: MAC lip gloss.

SL: What are you hoping to gain from your experience on the show?
DiDa: To introduce myself to the world!
SL: Any upcoming news, future projects or events you’d like to share with us?
DiDa: Well…of course RuPaul’s Drag Race! And I’m working on some other projects right now.

SL: How can your fans best stay in touch with you?
DiDa: On Facebook and Twitter (@DiDaRitz).

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