‘RuPaul’s Drag Race 4′: Meet the Queens – The Princess

Bald, bold and beautiful – The Princess has it all! As she herself asserts, she ain’t no Disney princess – and once you see what a chameleon she really is, you’re sure to see that for yourself! We kick off the new, highly-anticipated season of the hit series RuPaul’s Drag Race by chatting with one of the talented queens hand-picked by Ru. Has this regal stunner got what it takes to take the title of “America’s Next Drag Superstar”? Enter the palace and enjoy an exclusive audience with drag royalty!

Socialite Life: How did you get started in drag?
The Princess: I went to a show when i was 18. I saw the queens on stage and was in awe! I thought to myself, “I can do that”…so I did!

SL: You also mentioned in your video that you looked like a “hot mess” the first time you dressed in drag. Can you tell me a little more about that?
The Princess: Oh yeah, it was gross now that I look back it. I was wearing some cheap Halloween wig, cat ears, a tail and hot pants. I was a mess! We all have to start somewhere, right?

SL: You describe yourself as a “reserved extrovert” – has your drag persona changed your personality when you’re not performing?
The Princess: I think if anything I’m more reserved out of drag just because I get to be a hightened version of myself in drag.

SL: How would you describe your look?
The Princess: My look is very eclectic and always changing. I don’t want to be held down to one style or genre.

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SL: You’ve got a lot of tattoos – when did you get your first ink?
The Princess: I got my first ink as soon as I turned 18, I couldn’t wait!

SL: Do you have a favorite tattoo or one that’s the most meaningful to you?
The Princess: I love them all. They are pieces of art and some are works in progress. The one that means the most to me is the guardian angel on my chest. He/she is holding two glocks – kinda saying “don’t fuck with me”, ’cause he/she has my back! I got it for my best friend Brad, who passed away some years ago, and it’s a constant reminder that he’s still watching out for me.

SL: This season, there seems to be more androgynous queens – do you feel an increased sense of competition?
The Princess: I guess I don’t view or put labels on people – especially when it comes to their art form. I agree that I have a bit of andro drag in me. I can’t say I saw that in others – and if you did call them that they may be offended. I know who you may be referring to, but they call it something else – not andro. My biggest competition was myself.

SL: There was a little flirtation between you and Sharon Needles during the first episode – would you want to date another drag performer (like Manila Luzon and Sahara Davenport)?
The Princess: Would I want to? I wouldn’t seek it out – but I also wouldn’t turn it down. If the other performer was just as comfortable with himself as I am then I don’t see why I wouldn’t give it a shot. Never say never, right?

SL: What do you enjoy most about performing?
The Princess: The whole she-bang! From creating the outfits/costumes to doing makeup to getting on the stage and rocking out. I love it all!

SL: Where is your favorite place to perform?
The Princess: My fave place to perform is at Play Dance Bar in Nashville, Tennessee. Great people, great fans!

SL: What can people expect to see when they come see you perform?
The Princess: Not your typical drag queen. It’s not about collecting a dollar for me, it’s about putting on a show.

SL: What do you think separates you from the other queens?
The Princess: My point of view. Everyone has one and mine is pretty special if you get to witness it.

SL: What was it like working with RuPaul?
The Princess: Ru was nothing but professional. It was an honor to be in her presence.

SL: What was it like working with the other queens?
The Princess: It was like putting 13 hungry jackals in a cage and giving them one bone to fight over…now go!

SL: What do you hope people will learn about you from the show?
The Princess: That I’m just being me. I’m not trying to do or be anyone else. I don’t want to be in a mold.

SL: What song would be your dream song to “lip sync for your life”?
The Princess: For sure “Dreams” by Grace Slick!

SL: What words of wisdom do you live by?
The Princess: We are all fighting our own uphill battle, be kind to everyone.

SL: What one beauty item can you not live without?
The Princess: I cannot live with out eye and face primer! It keeps your makeup on through the whole night – under lights and sweating!

SL: Any upcoming news, future projects or events you’d like to share with us?
The Princess: I’m very excited to be working with youth services at the center on Halsted. I want to use my platform to give back, especially to kids being bullied. I was tormented in junior high and I couldn’t go home and tell my parents. It’s really important to me that I give back. Eventually I will write a book and share my story and, in the end, I want to have my own gallery of fashion. It’s good to have goals and dreams. You have to start somewhere!

SL: How can your fans best stay in touch with you?
The Princess: My website, thedragprincess.com will link you to my Twitter, Facebook and tumblr!

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