RuPaul Reveals Queens For ‘Drag Race’ Season 3

If you have never watched RuPaul’s Drag Race on Logo – you are missing out on some of the best television ever created. It’s catty, gorgeous, creative and funny as hell.

Well, the supreme queen has unveiled a teaser for the next season, as well as photos of all the contestants. Take a gander at the video after the jump – and appreciate that the budget keeps going up and up each season! Also, we break down our gut reactions to each contestant…

Ps: You will hear the word ‘sexy’ so many times…

You can watch each of the contestants’ videos here!

My breakdown of the girls:

  • Alexis Mateo – the stereotype ESL queen
  • Carmen Carrera – kind of the New York Housewives kinda bitch, offers something ‘new’ which means she won’t be new in any way
  • Delta Work – the ‘big gal’ of the group, who thinks humor and comedy are two different things
  • India Ferrah – has the Midwestern drawl and the hair to match, has her own Ebay business
  • Manila Luzon – whose boyfriend is Season 2 contestant Sahara Davenport, is going to be the one who annoys everyone and maybe the token Asian?
  • Mariah – is going to come with a fierce look, but I think her personality isn’t going to last, because she’s not a full queen package, she works the ballroom scene which is more just catwalk posing
  • Mimi Imfurst – I think it’s gonna be the big girl version of Pandora Boxx, but a bit higher class perhaps
  • Phoenix – Totally one of the first to go. I got bored watching her video.
  • Raja – the ‘fashion’ lover, who doesn’t consider herself to be very queeny; kinda beat up
  • Stacy Layne Matthews – all I can say is that she reminds me of Monique, the end.
  • Venus D-Lite – this season’s Raven, can’t wait
  • Yara Sofia – this season’s Nina Flowers

Drag Race returns to Logo in January.