Runway Rocks

February 21st, 2007 // 3 Comments

Meredith Grey, I mean Ellen Pompeo will be adding McMogul to her resume. Swarovski has tapped Ellen along with many other celebrity faces to attend the pre-Oscars event. Runway Rocks is the best time of the year (next to NY fashion week, of course). Music paired with the beauty of runway creations makes for a tickling of the senses.

The show will include designs from all walks of the industry. Cate Adair, Christopher Kane, Tae Ashida, Shaun Leane and Philip Treacy for Alexander McQueen, Tarina Tarantino and more will present outfits. Since the launch of Runway Rocks back in 2003, the event has attracted more and more start power each year. The goal is to make fashion and the world of haute collections more mainstream.

Ellen Pompeo will be making her first appearance on the “Runway Rocks” circuit. She is expected to be one of the highlights of the red carpet. Not to mention a target of the tabloids and photos trying to squeeze clues about her character’s recent death.

By Cara Harrington

  1. Munchkin

    What do you mean death??? She dies???

  2. Cara

    Yes, in the last episode her character flat lined and met Denny in “the beyond.” She asked if she was dead, to which Denny replied…”You’re damn right you are.”

  3. L

    Unfortunately, the video of Pompeo on Punk’d is no longer available on YouTube. She covers up her Boston accent and is a snobby, snobby, fake, diva. To get the full effect you have to watch the Punk’d video and then a video of one of her appearances on Ellen. Total poser.

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