Runway Redux: Fashion Trends Galore

Julianne Moore looked fresh-faced and preppy at the Lacoste show on Saturday. Kevin Connolly from HBO’s “Entourage” was there too. The theme was “le Weekend” and models looked like they were about to hop on the Jitney to East Hampton. Popular trends that popped up at many of the shows included jumpsuits, overalls (say it ain’t so!), and suspenders. A more fitted, tailored look was also featured. At Nicole Miller, models donned bowler-style hats with crisp white shirts and long A-line skirts. Popular colors included winter whites, tan neutrals, rich plum, green and teal. The fitted look at Nicole Miller was paired with a print that was inspired by the Mayan tones of Latin America. Her collection featured a chulucana graphic print that was used in ancient pottery, to provide an exciting backdrop for coats, skirts and gowns. All in all, it’s a return to tailored sophistication.

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