RUNWAY: Pamela Anderson Is Becoming Just Plain Sad

September 26th, 2009 // 6 Comments

At 42-years-old, Pamela Anderson is quickly turning into and old stale joke. She’s done the whole flashing nipple and ass thing on the runway a few too many times now for it to be even half amusing.

This time, the occasion was for Richie Rich‘s fashion show. In New Zealand. She used the occasion to debut a range she and friend Richie designed together called A.Muse – an eco-friendly label.

Rich rolled around the runway while Anderson showed off her ass cheeks.

Big yawn.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. turn!tup

    EW! I spy… PURPLE DOTS! Mhm :)

  2. dee cee

    Well like it or not these kinds of nasty events and freaky people appeal to her and are her friends. She admires their coarse and vulgar society, crude style status. It’s never been any different for her and if you want to see her shine with class, dignified manners or good taste.. you are always gonna get a giant let down.

  3. nicola

    i think she looks great. she’s done well to turn her image into an alternative catwalk model…thanks to vivianne westwood.

  4. JoJo

    Yeah, how dare she get older.

  5. Martiniman

    Like her or not, that’s a pretty good looking ass for 42!

  6. dude

    poor kids,
    i wouldnt want my mother doing that

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