Run, Katie, Run!


Being away from Los Angeles, on the set of her latest film, “Mad Money” in Louisiana, has afforded Katie Holmes a bit of a breather from the pressures of being Mrs. Cruise and it looks like she’s taken this opportunity to try and reassert herself somewhat. Life & Style reports that Homes is “quietly reclaiming parts of her past” and has reconnected with an old friend, Meghann Birie.

“She wanted to talk to someone not in Camp Cruise,” a friend told the mag. “Katie told Meghann she can’t believe she abandoned her old life.”

The actress hasn’t been to church lately, but is “secretly talking to pastors” for advice, and wants to enroll Suri in “kiddie Catholicism” classes, according to L&S.

The actress is also trying to patch things up with her family and has extended an invitation to her parents to visit her on the set of “Mad Money.” I guess there are some things you just can’t buy at Barneys.

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