Enrique Iglesias Puts To Rest Amy Winehouse Rumor

Rumors have been circulating around that recently Enrique Iglesias got in a disagreement with Amy Winehouse. Now that his music video with the Jersey Shore cast is already out, Iglesias is now promoting his new album, Euphoria and he has been traveling around the United Kingdom. Supposedly Amy was talking during his performance and she was told to be quiet. Enrique, seen here signing autographs at BBC 2 Radio in London on June 25, 2010.
Iglesias has been quick to deny these rumors saying they are “completely made up. The story came from ‘a source.’ How come they always say ‘a source’? I didn’t even know Amy Winehouse was there.”
The singing star even mentions how fake reports were made up about Ricky Martin. He mentions, “I remember when those pictures came out of him and another guy at the beach, the papers said it was his boyfriend, but it was actually his brother.” Iglesias urges that “All they had to do was do a little bit of research.” 
Now this isn’t the first time a story has been made up and it won’t be the last. Thankfully, Enrique keeps things optimistic by saying “It’s funny – you’ve got to laugh and you can’t take it seriously.”