Rumors Abound That The Jonas Brothers Might Break-Up, My Heart Can’t Handle This

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Jonas Brothers, you’re breaking my heart, you’re shaking my confidence daily. Oh Jonas Brothers, I’m down on my knees, I’m begging out please don’t break-up. No no no.

I really hope that you guys sang that to the tune of Simon & Garfunkel “Cecilia.” Anyway folks, the rumor mill was going all sorts of crazy today because apparently the Jonas Brothers are breaking up. I can’t handle this!

We know they’re having issues as the boys did cancel their upcoming tour today–two days before it was supposed to begin. 

Their spokesman, Jesse Derris, told People, “There is a deep rift within the band. There was a big a disagreement over their music direction.” Why can’t you guys just keep going in this direction? I like this direction. Still, there’s no official word that they’re breaking up. As a source told TMZ, “The concert cancellation may be a precursor to an official breakup, but so far no decision has been made.”

Boys, please work out your differences and don’t break-up. You know, I blame this all on Yoko. Well, to make you feel a little better we’ve got a few more photos from their Out Magazine photoshoot. Launch the gallery to check them out. So do you guys think a break-up will actually happen? Can you handle it? Sound off in the comments!