Rumor Miller: Are Reese and Jake Having a Baby?


Highly doubtful, but we’ll indulge. Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal have been reportedly been spotted leaving a doctor’s office twice in the last two weeks, sparking rumors that the two may be expecting a baby.

The striking pair recently made a visit to a California medical centre. Making no attempt to hide the fact that they’re an item, onlookers reported they were very affectionate towards each other in public. “They looked totally in love,” says an onlooker.

After leaving the doctor’s office, they climbed into separate cars and headed back to Reese’s home, with Jake keeping an eye on his 31-year-old girlfriend’s car and even waving furiously to her as they drove. “Jake put his hand out of the sunroof and was waving,” says an eyewitness.

Now if these two are supposedly very affectionate in public and people have been reportedly seeing them everywhere, why do we not have photographic evidence?