Rumor Mill: Was That Chanel Dress Worn By A Third?

While the Reese Witherspoon/Kirsten Dunst debacle is still fresh in everyone’s mind, rumor has it that the dress was also worn by Natalie Portman. If anyone has photographic evidence of this, send it to us at

Mariah Carey’s dress was designed by Karl Lagerfield and since she looked like ass no one would claim that they designed it; they denied it was from them. They finally had to admit it after a writer would not give up.

Tori’s totally PG. How did this one get started? She refused dark chocolate when offered saying she couldn’t have any. My friend tells me that Hollywood is clucking because apparently you can’t have dark chocolate when you are pregnant.

(Thanks to Charlie.)

Plus an Eva Longoria sighting from a reader:

1. I do live in San Antonio, where I saw her at a stationery store in Olmos Park.
2. Eva Longoria is a fixture here, though she is falling out of favor rapidly. Unfortunately, she will remain grudgingly accepted here as long as she is associated with Tony Parker. People here love them Spurs.
3. She is Corpus trash… though I was raised in Tucson and my invitation to the Bal du Crillon was not forthcoming either.
4. She was treated like everyone else in the store.
5. She had to ask for classy stationery. This is no surprise since all of those carnie folk in H’wood have to be told what to wear, what to say (though, she seems to have missed several of those days in class), what to eat, etc.
6. I did buy red engraved announcements. They were original, though not to me. They were taken out of the Crane sample book directly. I was in a hurry; we eloped. The woman in the store would have no need to put them in a store sample book, they were in the Crane book already. We did use the same paper and ink, different fonts and our own motifs.
7. They were expensive. But any custom engraving job that has to be done in five days will be.
8. She bought stationery. I have no idea what kind, and I don’t give two damp shits either.