Rumor Mill: Lindsay Lohan Makes Snow Angels

Our intern Sarah, dug up this tasty alleged Lindsay Lohan tale. Message boards are so much fun.

I saw Lohan the other night in NYC…someone help this girl! She was in the VIP section of a popular hot spot in Manhattan snorting coke with her girlfriends. No joke. She looks like death, literally. I give her a few
months to live, & I am not divulging anything more.

The club actually starts with a b. and I see that a few blogs have picked this story up as well, for those who dont believe me. and whomever said that about Mischa Barton…that girl loves some blow. I’ve seen her come in high as a kite too.

Lohan has hit rock bottom. Just wait. Lohan is a crackhead and is on a destructive path almost worse than what Courtney Love was going through in 2004.

Gee, I wonder if that club that stars with a B could be Bungalow 8?