Rumor Mill: Lindsay Lohan Makes Snow Angels

March 21st, 2006 // 58 Comments

Our intern Sarah, dug up this tasty alleged Lindsay Lohan tale. Message boards are so much fun.

I saw Lohan the other night in NYC…someone help this girl! She was in the VIP section of a popular hot spot in Manhattan snorting coke with her girlfriends. No joke. She looks like death, literally. I give her a few
months to live, & I am not divulging anything more.

The club actually starts with a b. and I see that a few blogs have picked this story up as well, for those who dont believe me. and whomever said that about Mischa Barton…that girl loves some blow. I’ve seen her come in high as a kite too.

Lohan has hit rock bottom. Just wait. Lohan is a crackhead and is on a destructive path almost worse than what Courtney Love was going through in 2004.

Gee, I wonder if that club that stars with a B could be Bungalow 8?

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. tia

    Is this story sayin Mischa Barton does coke too !!?? I didnt really get that part. If its implying that then I think it is bullshit … but if ms. hohan is doing some blow .. well are we really suprised??!!!

  2. Small Fry

    Tia, they are all doing blow. You gotta be nuts to think otherwise.

    I think the headline should’ve read Lindsay Lohan makes blow angels. Tee hee.

  3. Girly Girl

    Tia, what the hell suprises you about Mischa? She is a total cokehead and thats been leaked everywhere for a while. Let me guess- you actually believe douche bags like her who say “Gee, I don’t know why I’m so skinny. Good genes.” Sure, good genes and about 5 grand worth of blow.

    Lohan will coke out- go to Promises- go on Barbara Walters or Diane Sawyer- blame her dad- talk about being a poor little rich girl who worked too hard as a child- convince Spielberg to hire her in a ‘serious dramatic role’ in his next Jew movie- she’ll be on the cover of every magazine touting her ‘sobriety and comeback’- and she’ll do it all over again… its the American way, baby.

    (Has anyone seen V for Vendetta? As I was writing, I looked to the left and there is an ad for Lance Armstrong bracelets that says ‘Unity is Strength.’ I’m already creeped out that half the fu$kin world is wearing those ugly plastic things, but now they are selling them via the Orwellian tagline from an allegorical movie about totalitarian regimes? Yikes. No thanks.)

  4. tia

    I just cant see Mischa doin coke .. I’m sorry girly girl but I never heard that rumor til now. She just doesnt look like the type but you guys know better than me. oh and small fry you are so rite about the headline lol :)

  5. hopeless

    According to Perez Hilton she was there the other night with him…

  6. onlyme

    fuck perez hilton. Dude is a slime and a wanna be who will never be.

  7. C

    Scary. Shame on her mom for not loving her more than the money she brings in.

  8. GetOverYourself

    Who isn’t doing coke these days? I mean come on lets get real. You can’t go to a bar or club in NY or LA without seeing it being done. Lindsay is not gone, everyone wants to say that. So what she parties some. We all do, but because she is a star we want to but her in the trash. Only in America do we build them up so high and then chop them down. This country is so full of hypocrites. It is only because when we go out it is publicised and the average american is not. So stop throwing stones and just judge yourself and not others. It is her life let her live it how she wants.

  9. mandy1009

    To GetOver Yourself – No, not everyone is doing coke. I go to parties and clubs and I have never done the drug. I realize no one asked her to be a role model or anything. She is paid to show up, look pretty, memorize some lines and pretend to be someone else. I think the one of the big reasons people are even commenting on this is that fact that she has said in countless interviews that she doesn’t do drugs. People have been questioning her drug use since she has lost so much weight and she is always coming out of a club. Sure, we build them up to knock them down, look how much material they give us to work with.

  10. Charlie

    What I would like to know is where are the authorities when these 18 and 19 year old stars are in effing bars doing anything. Its not like they frequent different bars everyday. They mostly go to the same places. Someone should call the cops on these places for the sake of these lost kids.

  11. GetOverYourself

    Authorities? A friend was recently stopped by security with Special K and he said why don’t you just smoke pot at least it doesnt put you in danger of being raped and let her walk on. you see they don’t care as long as your not dead and they have to do some work. Only ones that care you people who put us on this pedistal. They are just making money like anyone else wants to. And with this life, partying is part of it. And I can assure you the Wall Street crowd is doing the same. The so called “intellectual” crowd is also. It is just celebrities are more sought after by the mags so you here about ours. Why would she admit it? Would anyone admit and wrisk millions of dollars? Its nobody elses business as long as she shows up to work and gives you the films you want to see. What she does in her personal life is nobodies business.

  12. Hey guys!
    What fucked up trash are you talking about? Lindsay doesn’t take drugs…I wanna see pictures…When you (Sarah) have seen her, why didn’t you make a shot? You just wanna start rumors so that you are “famous”. Talk shit about Paris Hilton who really is a “Stupid Girl”.

  13. girl at work

    Get over Yourself sounds like a celeb using “us” all the time to describe the lifestyle…who are you?

  14. jindizzle

    ANYONE who has done or seen someone on blow KNOWS those girls are high on EVERY red carpet and EVERY papparazzi photo.

    You’re brainwashed idiots if you think otherwise.

    WAKE UP.

  15. GetOverYourself

    Those girls? do you think it is just them? I mean come on? Look at the whole other crowd. Do you think that Beyonce and all of them are not? I mean come on. You can just about beat that anyone of them closing a a club at 4 and going to another party have been in a neighboring bathroom doing the same thing. And I still don’t get the hang up? Did I hit your car? Did I hurt you? Did I do anything to you? NO. Just let it be. And don’t think Perez isn’t doing the same. He is the biggest hyprocrite of them all. He likes to tell everyones business but you don’t see him telling his own? How do you think his weight is coming off? How do you think he was even introduced into this crowd? It wasn’t because of his talent, or sense of style that is for sure.

  16. Ldysunfyre


    Get over yourself.

  17. MissBrowneyes

    Get Over Yourself, is so on point it’s not even funny. I will say one thing though Perez is getting kinda swoll and he does talk about himself. :-)

  18. GetOverYourself

    My point exactly. Stop wearing about everyone else and just take care of you. My God, seriously. I am so tired of constantly hearing about how this site is saying this and this site is saying that. Do you know how upsetting it is to some of the people you comment about? Do you not think they don’t read these sites? How about showing some love instead of always putting someone down.

  19. girl at work

    Get Over Yourself is trying to sound like so “in” if you’re not lindey hohan then shut up….

  20. tmack

    all you people who don’t think that the kids at clubs are doing drugs, then you must live under a rock in a small shit hole…because people go to clubs to get high ,dance & get laid! & i guarantee you they are all partying their tit’s off…i was too when i was their age! it’s what you do when you club….and if you think otherwise, well you’re just stupid !

  21. jindizzle

    THE POINT IS: they aren’t cool, together people with fabulous lives, THEY’RE JUNKIES JUST LIKE SKAGHEADS ON THE STREET AND DON’T DESERVE TO BE LOOKED UP TO.

  22. GetOverYourself

    I am not Lindsey and don’t really know her but I do feel sorry for her. I am just trying to make you all realize that you all watch these sites so religiously and they are telling everyones business but the people posting these sites aren’t telling their own business. To be in the know you are taking part. Trust me, they are. And that Perez is so see thru. He used to talk so much crap about Paris until she thought it was better to have him on her side. So now he thinks he is in but he is so not. He gets brought along to the parties everyone covers but not the private house parties. And Paris is crazy for even letting him in as close as she has, because his crush on her while fade and someone else will come along and he will be all on them and back to talking about Paris. If Nicole would give him half a chance he would jump ship right now because we all know Nicole is about ready to blow up.

  23. girl at work

    ok, Get Over Yourself, i take it back, you do sound like you are in the know…i believe you about perez….and what do you mean by nicole is about to blow up?

  24. chloe sunshine

    I saw mischa at coachella last year very high. she was yelling at brandon davis and kept wiping her nose, and it was very obvious she had been doing it. my friend saw her in the vip area doing it. you’d be surprised who does do it. i do and nobody would ever suspect a good innocent girl like me.

  25. girl at work

    besides being super skinny, how do they seem to keep their faces/skin looking so good? coke and speed and stuff like that will wreck your face…

  26. GetOverYourself

    But you see everyone thinks it is the stars but it is not just them. Like at all the other rich people and not rich. You would be surprised at how many not rich people hang out with the that crowd. It is just some now how to keep their mouths shut and others do not. Peoples hook ups introduce people to everyone if they think your cool and you can hang it doesn’t matter about money, it matters about how you hang and how much you can be trusted. But that is not my point. My point is live your life the way you want and let us live our life the way we want. When one does start to infringe on your life then say something otherwise worry about yourself.

  27. KENDRA

    What the fuck is all this trash talk ?? this is crazy!

    This is a perfect example how all these crazy rumors start. It’s like bits and pieces of the truth and a lot of lies.

    It’s all crap anyways !!

  28. girl at work

    i see your point..i just hope lindsey doesn’t kill herself trying to keep it up the way she seems to be. she seems to have a bright future – she should try to get a grip….what bothers me the most is that if she does have a problem and all these people know about it – why isn’t anyone helping her?

  29. Caboozy

    No one helps any of these girls cuz it’s every gal for themselves and if this one collapses from drugs there’s a thousand others waiting to take her place.

    What’s sad about Perez is that you can’t believe half of what he says now. He’s ‘aligned’ himself with people (and Lohan “conveniently” befriends him, yeah it’s his personality, right – she knows the game) so he will only trash talk those who haven’t befriended him. It’s all a bunch of shit and games until someone ends up in the ER.

  30. las

    Is anyone buying even a SHRED of GetOverYourself’s posts, which are primarily A) don’t dare say anything not-nice about the wealthy, B) everybody does drugs, and don’t dare disagree with him/her, and C) hints that he/she is somehow “in,” by referring to the rich and famous as “us.”

    Written as if on speed, I might add. Sorry, not buying it.

  31. JulesinSD

    She was obviously tootin’ the nose candy when she made that lame ass mellowdramtic video “father to daughter” – will this bitch get over herself already? she ain’t all that – she’s very plain and average looking – WITH makeup at best. She’s just a young peice of meat that Hollywood is chewing on at the moment and will be thrown out like table scraps when they are done with her.

  32. mememe


    “It’s just some people know how to keep their mouths shut and others do not.”

    EXACTLY! There are plenty of celebs, non-celeb rich people, poor people, etc. etc. doing the same shit lilo, mischa, and everyone else is doing. but if she is stupid enough to do these things in plain view of everyone in the VIP, she is going to get talked about. i used to use a lot of drugs myself, and even i had the decency to go into the bathroom and be quick about it, or stick to the private parties. and you’re right, it may not be any of our business, but how are the goss sites any different from the bullshit and rumor mill at any high school, college, or workplace? you can bet that although my shit wasn’t being blown up on the web that everyone i went to school with talked about who did what with who. jealousy, nosiness, whatever you want to call it is part of our culture. you don’t think lilo gossips and talks shit about people she doesn’t like? and i don’t see what any person who is talked about on these sites has to be upset about, because they know what is true and what is not, so why would their feelings be hurt?

  33. keesha

    If GetOverYourself is so disgusted about what is being said on “these” sights WTF is he/she doing here???

  34. GetOverYourself

    Okay, Okay, my boss is out and I had a few drinks at lunch and I just decided to have some fun. I am just as addicted to these sites as they are to their nose candy. Sorry to have you all in an up roar but admitt some of the times I had some of you fooled. Long live Perez and whoever does this site. Without them my days would be BORING!!!!! Smooches to you all and thanks for the entertianment.


    do u guys have lives?!?!?!!? stop talking AND rambling on and on about these celebrities.. GET A DAMN LIFE!

  36. GetOverYourself

    Michelle if we did that what would you have to read when you are suppose to be doing whatever it is your suppose to be doing? Huh?????? Your reading just like us, so maybe you need to get one also. when you get yours pick me up one too!!!! Ta Ta for now

  37. j

    bottom line- where there is smoke… obviously Lohan does coke. the people who know and love her should make sure its being kept under control. all young people try different things. Lohan is talented and should not waste it all away. Her moms not very cool if shes in the know though.

  38. WhatAJoke

    Anyone else feel disheartened about the state of people’s spelling, grammar and punctuation abilities, as demonstrated in all these exchanges? Seriously, people … have a little pride. Think before you type. Sometimes you have a point, but when you can’t even spell, you just come off sounding stupid no matter what. It’s absurd.

  39. deb

    that girl does drugs, she said so herself!! on a magazine article a read.

    so whatever, she does coke, what a big surprise!!

  40. Have my own life...

    …don’t the rest of you also? Are the celebs talking about what you do that might be judged negatively by a few lifeless busybodies who should probably be getting off the net, getting a bag, having a drink and going to a club instead of jealously trying to destroy others? No, they are LIVING, not dying; all you lifeless souls could take a chapter from them. Would you rather live JIMI HENDRIX’S life or live to 100 in front of a screen worried about others?

  41. poppyhoney

    Whatajoke – THANK YOU!!! I am nearly falling out of my seat! I kept reading and wondering why nobody acknowledged the spelling and grammar!
    Speaks volumes for the intelligence level in this room. ugh.

  42. Stephanie

    jindizzle said:

    ANYONE who has done or seen someone on blow KNOWS those girls are high on EVERY red carpet and EVERY papparazzi photo.

    You’re brainwashed idiots if you think otherwise.

    WAKE UP.

    Amen to that

  43. allinyaface

    yall are all stupid and all of america is hypocrites and seriusly the girl is 19 years old and so what she likes to party what is so wrong with that just because she is a celebrity yall are making a big deal out of a rumor that i know and you all know isn’t true and getoveryourself you are such a dumbass what do you mean everyone is doing coke you are the dumbest ignorant ass person i have ever seen on this blog event though you are defending lindsay you are still very ignorant to the subject and i go to clubs all the time in new york and i almost always seeing lindsay and mischa and neither one of them does coke and i actually hung out with lindsay at her friends house and she definetly does not do coke and i just dont get america these days yall build all these celebrities up way too high just too stump them down in the dirt when you here a goddamn rumor what the fuck is wrong with yall and if yall have never seen any of these celebs in the clubs like me you need to SHUT THE FUCK UP

  44. forshizzzle

    lohan’s wallet was found in a cab in new orleans and when opened it contained her id, cc’s, and guess what???? a big ole plastic bag of the lady. i don’t care if you believe me, b/c i know for a hard fact this is true.

    and no, coke doesn’t “mess up” everyone’s face.

    and yes, the use of many drugs is rampant in many clubs/bars.

  45. las

    WhatAJoke: I am VERY disheartened.

    Havemyownlife: Then… I wonder what YOU are doing on this site, hmm? (As for me, I’m proud to say that I DO have a life, and I can express it without insulting others)

    “yall are all stupid and all of america is hypocrites and seriusly the girl is 19 years old and so what she likes to party what is so wrong with that just because she is a celebrity”

    Yep, if she’s a celebrity, let her do anything. ;)

    Honey, if you want to NOT be taken seriously, then insult your readers in the first few words, and make grandiose, hysterical, grammatically-incorrect claims like “all of america is hypocrites.” You had me feeling critical before I even got to your ill-defined point.

    You write like you are on speed. Your excuses are reminiscent of Dina Lohan, who is second to Lynne Spears as a bad Hollywood parent. And I sincerely doubt you are pals with Lindsay. Thank you, and good night. My life awaits.

  46. Emma


  47. booly

    Celebs I have seen do coke: I know because of a hookup:

    Lindsay Lohan
    Paris Hilton
    Nicole Richie
    Mischa Barton
    Hilary Duff

    Slam me all you like but you are just too naive to believe that your favourite celeb does drugs?! Guess again. It’s Hollywood all about being thin, rich, partying and famous. Whatever helps you achieve or feel like you are achieving those goals goes. Coke makes you feel all of the above. Sorry but face the facts of life.

    Also to the other nuffy that says “get a life stop talking about celebs”, why don’t you get a life and stop posting about the people posting about celebs. I scratch my head wondering what a twit you really are!

  48. las

    booly, none of those surprise me. :) They all seem the type.

  49. Riamia

    Yeah Parisite was recently photo’d with coke crumb in her nostril in the New Weekly gossip mag (Australia). Makes sense. I think their ‘good skin’ is due to all those laser peels, expensive treatments, makeup artists etc that none of us normal folk could afford. Hohan, no surprise. RIchie I thought was a fan of Heroin? Hilary Duff has lost all that weight I though on crystal meth… but Booly i believe you about the blow because if they do one drug I bet they do the other… Peace out!!

  50. Liebez

    the only one booly said that does coke and I didn’t expect was Hilary.
    I tought she was on crystal meth too… However, everbody does coke, it’s a slimming, it’s a fun thing to do and it’a a status.
    Julst live and let live, guys

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