Rumor Mill: Is Matthew Fox Being A Bad Boy?

These were sent in by our readers. It’s all speculation people – that’s why these are in the Rumor Mill

- So my coworker went out last night (in atlanta) with a friend, and they meet matthew fox (star of LOST) at a club (he’s in town filming a movie). apparently the “friend” hits it off with matthew and they spend the night together and do the dirty.
why am i telling you this? Because matthew fox is either separated from his wife, in an open relationship, or is slime. pretty crazy huh?
i love the show lost. i just don’t know if i can respect a married man who sleeps with someone he just met at a club. retch.

- Just thought you guys might be interested to hear LINDSEY LOHAN nipple made an appearance in the latest edition of playboy july 2006. Its a cute shot from some fashion show.