Rumor Mill: Hugh Jackman, Beyonce & Paris Hilton

March 17th, 2006 // 7 Comments

Hugh Jackman may not be gay after all.

I had occasion to be around the circle of drama students that included Hugh and I never saw or heard anything to suggest gay or bi about him Like a lot of actors he is a touchy feely sort of person which can be misconstrued by more uptight people I also know he is a relaxed unpretentious mature person who would not be rude to someone It is just not his way So I do not believe the person in the CD shop was him.

It seems Beyonce did not invent the word Bootylicious after all.

Your bark was loud, but your bite wasn’t vicious
And them rhymes you were kickin were quite bootylicious
You get with Doggy Dogg oh is he crazy?
With ya mama and your daddy hollin’ Bay-Bee

“Fuck Wit Dre Day” lyrics rapped by Snoop Dogg, from Dr Dre‘s 1992 release The Chronic?

Paris Hilton likes expensive things.

Paris Hilton just purchased a $50,000 Baccarat Onyx black Chandelier designed by Philippe Starck for Baccarat at Diva store in West Hollywood.  It is going into her own place in L.A.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Oh God. Snoop Dog is so much more interesting than Paris.

  2. tia

    On the post where its talkin bootylicious bein in the dictionary some kid left a comment sayin that it was originally from snoop. Anywho, I never knew ppl thought Hugh Jackman was gay. Thats bananas.

  3. justMe

    I hate to say that but… herpes working for her alright!

  4. GayGreg

    …11…12…13…14…paris, your (very long) 15 minutes are nearly expired.

  5. tl

    Yawn. Blacks used that word long before it was ever in song. Snoop didn’t make it up, he was the first to use it in a song. Bigger yawn.

  6. tl

    Yawn. Black folks used that word long before it was ever in song.I used it in high school in the 1991. (She didnt make up her little booty dance either. That is a southern thing that was around in the late 80′s and early 90′s. It was called coochie poppin and 2 Live Crew had a song for it.) Snoop didn’t make it up, he was the first to use it in a song. Bigger yawn.

  7. christina_the_wench

    Does she SEE any of these photos and that damn lazy eye of hers? Does it look GOOD to her?!?!Like an STD, she is never going to go away!
    (cries hysterically)

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