Rumor Has It…

Marc Jacobs’ Euro Director is jumping ship. Alexis Mourot is currently in charge of everything Jacobs in Europe. Then, along came Christian Louboutin and his house of fire to tempt Alexis. It is rumored that he will be joining Team Louboutin this May as general manager.

Keira Knightley is also rumored to be working on another project. Jo Wright is going to be directing Keira yet again. The finished product will be a filmed ad campaign for the latest fragrance from Chanel. Move over Nic Kidman.

Blind Item- The Oscars are just around the corner. Diets, gym time, and intimate apparel of a slimming nature are in high demand. One designer in particular has sent several dresses to a starlet who is attending the event. Said designer is furious with the starlet, as she has put on few pounds with less than a week left before the event.