Rumer Willis Continues Experimenting With Her Hair

August 27th, 2009 // 8 Comments

Celebrity progeny, Rumer Willis, stepped out in a light-pink, silk dress and a pair of impressive, black high heels. But the real focal point of her outfit can be found above her neck.

The 21-year-old daughter of Demi Moore has revealed an adventurous side when it comes to her hair. She recently dyed her hair a dark auburn, after initially going full-on red.

Now, it looks as if the starlet has added some extensions into the mix as you can see in these photos of her excursion out with Briana Evigan out at the Movida nightclub in London, England. Personally, I like her best with the short, red do. But that’s just me.

Gallery Info: Rumer Willis leaves Movida nightclub with Briana Evigan.

By Lisa Timmons

  1. dee cee

    Tater in Blunderland

  2. Solaera

    Ah. Nothing more refreshing than an ice-cold can of pussy.

  3. She SUCKS

    Why is taterhead even being included in events for stars & industry bigwigs? She’s an ugly no-talent nothing who’s only claim to fame is her last name. The less I see of her, the better I feel…

  4. Boz

    She isn’t ugly! She’s reflectionally challenged…

  5. k

    Facially challenged is what she is.

  6. Mizz Thang

    It’s ‘do, people, not “do”, short for hairdo.

    Learn the apostrophes; they replace the missing words, just like a contraction. Argh.

  7. Mizz Thang

    It’s ‘do, short for hairdo, not “do”.

    Learn the apostrophes; they replace the missing letters, just like a contraction. Argh.

  8. KennyJive

    She must be in that sequel to MASK, they’re planning.

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