Rumer Willis Buys Some Spencer’s Gifts Crap, Smokes A Lot, Has A Salad

January 17th, 2008 // 2 Comments

I forgot, she’s just a kid, really. The yarn berets and desperation to be someone threw me off. Here’s Rumer Willis out and about in LA. She bought matches with some dumb joke about weed. And had ten ciggies in two hours. And then she bought candy cigarettes! Someone’s nervous and addicted. She then purchased some cheesy joke air fresheners and went and had a salad at the Urth Cafe. Yeah, ho-hum. If she wasn’t Bruce and Demi’s daughter, this would be a non-event. For real, I’d rather watch “American Idol”.

Photos: Splash

More photos of Rumer Willis shopping for some marijuana novelty items are after the jump.

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Photos: Splash

By J. Harvey

  1. Observer

    It’s still a nonevent. Kinda like her parents.

  2. Jessica

    Yawn, a Brittany Spears in the making.

    At least Brit was a babe at one time. Rumer looks like yesterday’s trash.

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