Rumer Willis Spends Some of Her Parents’ Money

December 7th, 2007 // 10 Comments

Seriously, Rumer Willis is rocking the haircut I had for about six months in college, that prompted my mother to call me and ask, with a nervous laugh if I really did like boys. Granted, Rumer’s doing a better job, in my opinion, of carrying it off, but I think the Max Headroom sunglasses are a bit much. I can’t really hate on a kid for simply existing and looking kind of awkward (probably because I myself am still in the end stages of my own awkward phase), but it does seem a bit weird to me that she’s hanging out with what looks like Paris Hilton’s stunt double.


7 more photos of Rumer Willis doing some shopping on Melrose Avenue after the jump.

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By Lisa Timmons

  1. peachpie

    no doubt that she has an atrocious haircut. get thee to a better stylist, rumer! it’s hollywood, honey… there’s one on every corner. shoo!

  2. may I have your attention please:
    idea: maybe just dissapear from the scene or just “kill” yourself.

    btw: I think she got the looks passed over from MUMMIE!!

  3. erika

    Rumer looks exactly like Demi’s mother. If A Socialite’s Life would post a picture of Demi’s mom and Rumer side by side, my point would be proven.

  4. someone

    She should spend some of thier money on a really good plastic surgeon, one that could make her look like a girl.

  5. Sara

    Looks like she has a chemical burn on her hair. Did she try to do a home perm and it didn’t work out?

  6. alley

    She really looks like a lesbian butch. I bet she’ll come out after.

  7. debkakes

    I just can’t believe there is not a pretty girl in there somewhere, if only someone would take her in hand! Where’s her mom?!?! Or maybe she’ll be a fabulous looking 50 year old???

  8. Mitsu

    It’s funny, because I was actually just thinking she should become a lesbian, she’d have more chance of finding coital happiness that way. I know that sounds incredibly shallow but it’s just based on my observations of human behavior. The fact is, men are visual creatures and “that” is not what they go for. Women are far less selective about looks.

  9. Persistent Cat

    Oh, we are visual too, we just have to lower our standards. There are way more attractive women than there are attractive men.

    That girl is so unfortunate and it’s like she goes out of her way to look worse each day.

  10. Chris

    Oh look, it’s Elton John!

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