Christmas Shopping Drives Rumer Willis Round’ The Bend

Here’s some pics of Rumer Willis and her sister Tallullah shopping. Damn, look at that pic below. Miss Golden Globes needs to put her breast back in her shirt. It ain’t that kind of party. I know the mall gets stuffy, but there’s no need for a show, Ru. That’s pretty much it. I could sit here andt type shade about Rumer but the comment boards tend to handle that. She’s still rockin’ hats that accentuate her large melon and I already told her about that but she won’t listen. What to do? Kids. My head gets stuck in doorways, and the only hat I can reliably wear and not look hydrocephalic is my size 17 XL scalley cap from Jones in Southie. If Jones hadn’t closed, I would invite Rumer to come shopping with me. Mine’s getting tore up. And she could use one that doesn’t make her look like hipster Conehead.

Photos: Flynet Online

More photos of Rumer and Talullah after the jump.