Rumer Willis Finds Comfort in the Dark Side

Hey girl, good to have you back. Young Rumer Willis was rocking a short, severe blonde do recently, that I think was a bit ambitious for her. But hey, it never hurts to try something once. I’ve done it myself–but, of course, ended up with the infamous and not-so-flattering highlighter orange tone that many of us naturally dark-haired ladies have to inflict upon ourselves at least one time in our lives. But, I’m glad she’s decided to switch back to a more complimentary tone because she was looking a little washed-out there for a sec. Honestly, though, my favorite part of this picture is her walking down the street holding her dad’s hand–that’s really quite cute, because I do think that they’re really as close as they appear to be. I’m just not a fan of her shoes, that are just the right shade of peach or beige, or whatever, as to make her look bare-foot and as if her toes were all fused together in one piece.

Photos: Flynet Onilne

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