Rumer Willis Flaunts Her Sveldt Bikini Body [PHOTOS]

Rumer Willis showed off her bikini body on Waikiki Beach while on vacation in Oahu, Hawaii this past Saturday (November 3, 2012). The high-waisted retro style two-piece bikini actually worked Rumer.

Rumer chatted on her cell phone and seemed to be upset at one point. Afterwards the actress took a 30 minute dip in the ocean before heading back to her chair to get back on her phone and smoke some cigarettes.

Rumer is said to have coordinated a “peace” meeting between her mother and father, Demi Moore and Bruce Willis.

According to Star magazine, the pair turned a corner in September and met for an emotional reunion at the home of the ghost star after Rumer’s boyfriend, Jayson Blair, encouraged her to patch things up. 

A source said: “Jayson has been telling Rumer for ages that she needed to forgive her mom and move on. She finally gave in and made the call. He knew that deep down Rumer really missed her mother and wasn’t going to be happy until they made up.”

It sound like Jayson is a keeper. Don’t fuck this one up Rumer.

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