Ruggedly Handsome Paul Wesley Emerges Amidst The Biggest ‘Vampire Diaries’ Shocker Of The Season

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Phoebe Tonkin should be a little worried about Paul Wesley straying from her. He had a super hot date to the Kings Game last night (May 08, 2014).

Just kidding! He was just joined by The Vampire Diaries Executive Producer, Julie Plec, and his pal, Shaun Sipos.

All of the hockey excitement was overshadowed by the show’s shocker that rocked its fan base to the very core. Warning: AFTER THE JUMP THERE ARE SPOILERS.

I’m just going to come right out and say it. Stefan Salvatore is dead and the Other Side is disintegrating faster than Ripper Stefan can drain a sorority girl. Many fans were understandably surprised by this shocker.

I, for one, actually saw it coming. Two weeks ago, The CW released the official synopsis for the season finale titled “Home”. It began with, “Heartbroken by an unexpected tragedy, Damon is focused on holding himself together”.

It also emphasized that Ian Somerhalder’s character was pushing Bonnie harder to ensure the Other Side didn’t fall apart.

They added that Liv makes an “off-handed remark” about Stefan that elicits a “surprisingly emotional response from Caroline.” However, they never, not once, mention the younger Salvatore doing anything.

Losing his brother would undoubtedly break Damon’s heart unlike anything else. Despite their differences, they’re really all they have left, as said in season three.

Wesley tweeted about the shocker and what he says doesn’t inspire any confidence.


For some reason I can’t imagine Stefan remaining dead forever. Fingers crossed that they bring him (and maybe even Katherine Pierce) back!

What are your thoughts on the tragic death of a beloved character? Sound off in the comments below!

By Erin Cosgrove

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