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June 14th, 2007 // 8 Comments

Rufus Wainwright gave his two cents to Spin magazine on the subject of staying in the closet, versus pursuing a career in the spotlight as an openly gay man.

“If they stay in the closet, they’re going to make a lot more money. I go to the same gym as Anderson Cooper. When I look at him lifting those 5-pound weights, it makes me think, ‘He’s just trying to live his life and be all that he can be.’ But he still goes to the gayest gym in New York.”

Seriously? 5-pound weights? I seriously hope Rufus is paraphrasing inaccurately because dude, even I don’t mess around with the 5-pounders. And I can’t even really do a push-up properly. But the description of the place as “the gayest gym in New York” makes it sound very festive and kind of makes me want to go there. Drunk.


By Lisa Timmons

  1. Jesse D

    Rufus should mind his own damn business. I love Anderson Cooper – he’s awesome, and who’s business is it who or what he sleeps with? He does a hell of a job, and THAT’S what counts.

  2. Joya

    I <3 Anderson Cooper!

  3. relesase the stars

    You completely misunderstood everything he was trying to say Jesse D, you should really think before you speak. He’s just stating the fact that ppl who stay in the closet do it for financial gain, most of the time, as well as to keep jobs and remain in favour with the public. He is also saying that its ok if you want to stay in the closet, that your personal choice, but if you want to hide that ur gay don’t go the places where mostly gay men go and try to keep hiding, b/c then everyone will already know anyways.

    And on another wrote, Rufus is the greatest singer, songwriter, performer, genius god to have ever existed in the universe. His live performance are religious experiences, Jesse D you ain’t got SH** on him and clearly no very little about anything.

  4. silvarga

    5 pound weights?

    Word on the street is that A.C. is looking pretty saggy underneath that expensive suit. Like a melted G.I. Joe. So he better start picking up those 15, 20, and 25-pound weights instead of exercising like he’s some 80 year old lady at the local senior center.
    With a face like that, his body should be on par with Christian Bale’s in American Psycho, not some elderly extra in a remake of Cocoon. Droopy Old Man Ass is not cute no matter what name it’s attached to.

  5. EOM

    Regardless of his sexual preference, the man WORKS in the same building where his gym is. Not exactly surprising that he goes there.

  6. Brian

    Rufus was just being bitchy (it’s just great for the gay community, Rufus, when you fulfill nasty stereotypes). Cooper has big biceps – you can see them when he wears tight short-sleeved t-shirts when he’s on location in jungles and places on his show. And Rufus has looked like a twig whenever I’ve seen him.

    Rufus also has also has always marketed himself by revealing details of his romantic life and sex life in a somewhat cynical way. He’s admitted to prolonging painful go nowhere relationships just to get more material for his music – I’m sure his those guys were delighted to find out he put them through extra pain just for personal benefit!

  7. Mira

    Is it being in the closet or is it just no feeling like you owe the world the details of your private life. Because there are a lot of people that are accused of being closeted who seem to live fairly open lives, it’s just that they don’t seem to feel it’s any of our business. The people who spring to mind are David Hyde Pierce who was supposedly outed last week, but lived quite openly with a long time partner.
    And Jodie Foster- has she ever denied she’s a lesbian? If I had had a stalker who tried to get my attention via a presidential assassination attempt, I’d keep my personal life to myself as much as possible too.

  8. charlie

    I have a question…. O.K. whose effing business is it anyway who is gay and who is not?? Really, no one goes around asking heterosexuals what they like and with whom. This is ridiculous! Get a life. mind your own effing business and stop trying to ruin other people’s lives. Is that too much to ask. Just because some have had a fantabulous experience, with angels singing and all, coming out of the closet doesn’t mean that it is the same for everyone else. Get a life and when you find it, live it.

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