Royale. Casino Royale.

What strange and mystical event could be capable of uniting the Queen of England and Paris Hilton under circumstances not involving a hypothetical lost episode of Quantum Leap? The London premiere of the latest Bond film, Casino Royale, of course. Sky Showbiz reports:

The red carpet in London’s Leicester Square has felt the new Bond’s brogues. But not just 007, it also felt the footsteps of other stars who rocked up to the world premiere of Casino Royale. Clearly a crowd-pleaser, the latest 007 film has got Bond fans in a tizz and even Her Majesty made the effort to wander down the red rug. And it wasn’t only the Queen of England who turned up, Her Royalness of the United States was also present, one Paris Hilton. The main man himself, Daniel Craig, was one of the earlier stars to work the crowd, accompanied by his girlfriend Satsuki Mitchell.

You would think that for the premiere, Craig would have at least TRIED to have himself romantically connected with a woman whose name is the female equivalent of Dick Butkus.

More photos of Paris Hilton from the London premiere of “Casino Royale” after the jump.

Written by Lisa Timmons

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