Royal Princes Talk

Prince Harry and his less-attractive bruva have spoken to Matt Lauer in their first ever American interview . They told Matt how they think about their departed Moms everyday, and how they wonder exactly what happened in that tunnel in Paris. Awww. I loved Princess Di. I think I might actually have watched her wedding when I was a kid. Princess Di’s wedding might have made me gay. And now my gayness is assured because I’ve got a serious longing to corrupt her son. The princes also revealed that it’s hard to make friends and lady friends because they’re lives aren’t that normal considering who they are.

William, who recently went through a very public breakup with his longtime girlfriend Kate Middleton, says that sometimes their royal status makes it difficult to form relationships with people. “I don’t want to be liked by someone just because of who I am. I don’t want the sycophantic people hanging around.”

But Prince Harry tells Lauer that those trust issues go both ways with their true pals. “It’s just as hard for our friends as it is for us,” he explains. “The reason I say that is because our friends have to put up with a lot – when it comes to us.” Adds William: “There’s a lot of baggage that comes with us, trust me – a lot of baggage.

I trust you, Har. I also trust that you’ll be gentle with me because it’s my first time with a royal. Unless you count that guy I did behind the crunch coat tub when we both worked at Dairy Queen. I miss you, Joel.