Royal Mum Kate Middleton Plans To Break Royal Traditions When Raising Her Little Bundle!

Kate Gives Birth!
Duchess Catherine gives birth to a healthy baby boy!
Who needs royal traditions when you have Carole Middleton?!

Carole Middleton was an asset during her daughter, Kate Middleton’s pregnancy, and is expected to be just as involved in the upbringing of her grandson. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge plan on raising the future monarch, unconventionally, where they will break away from most royal traditions.

The proud new parents spent the majority of last week resting and anticipating their big day at Kate’s parents home in Bucklebury, Berkshire. Instead of secluding themselves in one of the royal palaces, the two are expected to head back to Middleton manor in the coming days.

According to friends, the Duchess will not be adding a full-time nanny to her already abundant staff. Kate Middleton in turn, will be depending on her mother for help and guidance throughout her baby’s early years. It’s been centuries since in-laws have been this influential in the upbringing of a future king of queen.