Royal Cousin Katrina Darling Strips For The Diamond Jubilee [PHOTOS]

Katrina Darling paid tribute to the royal family in the only way she knows how: by stripping down to just about nothing.  On May 30th, Kate and Pippa Middleton’s cousin performed her famously risque burlesque show at Whiskey Mist in London to the tune of “God Save The Queen.”

While everyone else was preparing for some good clean fun around the city to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee, Darling, 21, came up with her own celebrations.  “I wanted to do something special for the Jubilee and decided on burlesque,” she told the Daily Mail at the show. 

Would Darling dare perform in front of the Windsor family?  “I’m very confident but I don’t think I could do it in front of Royals. I’m too afraid they would blush at my moves,” she said.

Cheeky girl!