Ross Marquand’s Mindblowing Screen Test For Sabi Pictures [VIDEO]

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Often times when someone imitates a celebrity, their impersonation is stale and monotonous. Ross Marquand was able to execute his imitations of various celebrities, such as Matthew McConaughey, beautifully.

He acted as five other men and those were just as amazing.

My personal favorites were the ones of McConaughey a Brad Pitt. Even the clothing of the two was on point. Certain words were a trigger for the actors. It was shocking! The other men aren’t ones I watch, or know enough about to know how accurate he was.

What are your thoughts on the six impressions he did? What about when he demonstrated his acting skills basically as himself without all the added theatrics?

On the site for the movie he was auditioning for, which is by Sabi Pictures, a little blurb about the movie says: “A smuggler bleeds like anyone else. He just gets more chances to prove it.”

His role is probably the smuggler and all those emotions he had to convey tell me that chances are, the role made him tap into that darker place and tear inspiration from there.

The movie itself is still mostly a mystery, but by the sounds of Marquand, it could be pretty amazing.

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