Rosie’s Kids Comment on Trump

January 8th, 2007 // 8 Comments

Rosie’s brought her kids into it. *rolls eyes*

Rosie O’Donnell returned to The View Monday for the first time since her pre-Christmas feud with Donald Trump.

Rather than blast him anew, the discussion between O’Donnell and the others on the show, including Barbara Walters, focused on one particular aspect of Trump’s name-calling: referring to O’Donnell as a “fat pig.”

“It’s the last bastion of a coward,” said costar Joy Behar, who asked O’Donnell, “Did it bother you?”

“No. It bothered Vivie,” replied O’Donnell, referring to her and wife Kelli Carpenter’s 4-year-old daughter Vivienne.

And O’Donnell said that 7-year-old son Blake told her about Trump: “He used the ‘F’ word.” Turning to the audience, O’Donnell said that at her house, “The ‘F’ word is ‘fat.’ It’s not the real ‘F’ word.”

Good lord, let my people go. This bitch needs to step it up, because she’s getting owned. Stop with the sympathy ploy and regroup and attack that wig again, girl. Or whatever the hell that is on his melon. If that fails, get the Dykes on Bikes to rough his ass up. Seriously, I’ll do it for ya. Ever since I saw that documentary with you and your mate running that cruise ship for gay families, I’ve been in your corner. I woulda signed on for it but no one likes a drunk queen staggering around on deck telling children he wishes he was that thin.

Rosie Discusses Kids’ Reaction to Trump Slam [People]


By J. Harvey

  1. me

    The real reason Trump was upset is because she called him out on that ridiculous comb-over. I think she’s doing the right thing though and letting him make an idiot of himself by mouthing off all over the place.

  2. Julz

    LOLOLOLOL!!!! You can come over to our house, and be a drunk queen all you want.

  3. Narie

    Gesh… am I the only one who thinks Rosie is fine and Trump is the one who comes across like an idiot?

  4. They’re loving it.

    If she had something better to talk about, then we’d be hearing it instead.

  5. Both Ros and Don should grow up. Donald should be more of a gentleman. But Rosie did start it, with her little comedy routine. Oh yes, she was outraged because of his lack of moral authority in forgiving that Miss something or other.

  6. Tonysgirl

    Lets face it people they are both messed up.

    And don’t be bringing the children into it, that is a no no.

  7. NotaFan ofEither

    Rosie threw the first 2 punches:

    1) What does his life have to do with the contest and the contract/rules that these girls agreed to.

    2) She made fun of him first.

    That being said, Trump should have been been more reserved and in control and not stoop to her level.

    She keeps forgetting that she is NOT at the Improv or Caroline’s . Joy is also a comedienne, but she does not stoop to these antics.

  8. dadsurfah

    Just because your gay doesnt change the fact that Rosie is a fat smelly, hog

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