Rosie’s Back!

Everyone’s favorite semi-tolerable lesbian is back with a new TV film and she’s upgraded her blog. She’s co-starring with Andie MacDowell in the CBS TV Film Riding the Bus With My Sister. If interested, here’s a brief synopsis:

Rachel Simon (MacDowell) is an in-demand New York City fashion photographer whose busy life camouflages her emotional isolation. When her father suddenly dies, Rachel comes face to face with the family problems she has tried so hard to avoid. With no one else in the family willing to take on the responsibility, Rachel is forced to spend time with Beth (O’Donnell), her endearing, feisty and developmentally disabled sister who fills her days riding city buses.

Lessons will be learned, tears shed, blah blah blah. For her daily developmentally disabled make sure you check out r blog.

[Photo via CBS]

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