Rosie Uses Paula in Her Poem

July 31st, 2007 // 3 Comments

In a recent blog entry, that I can only partially understand, per usual, Rosie O’Donnell mentions Paula Abdul on more than one occasion. And I can’t tell exactly if she’s sympathizing with her, or condemning her for enjoying (and publicly appearing to suffer) under the trappings of her celebrity lifestyle. She starts off by saying, “right now/paula abdul would yell action/and the result would be/what we all see.” She goes on to describe the “Hey Paula” star as “broken, fragile, pain filled, love less, raw, vulnerable, needy.” She tells the “American Idol” judge:

hey paula
we cringe
at r selves
thru u

And then she goes on to wax poetic about renting jet skis. I’m so confused. Maybe I should have paid better attention in my English classes in college. Or maybe not have gone at all.


By Lisa Timmons

  1. Shootingstar

    Rosie is a pig and obviously will do anything to try to stay in the limelight.

    She and Candy Spelling should get together and coordinate the release of their bizarro rants.

  2. ZeldaF

    At least Paula is a likeable nut. Rosie is just a loud mouthed, ego centric, disgusting individual. It amazes me that she continues to post her gibberish on her website. I think the only ones who read Rosie’s website are the gossip bloggers looking for material to make fun of. She’s a very unlikeable person. What HAPPENED??? She used to be kinda pleasant!

  3. Tina

    Lol that guy with Paula is a total homo, boyfriend my ass

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