Rosie Turned Down $2 Million Offer to Appear on “The Apprentice”


She may not have been able to snag “The Price is Right” hosting gig she had her eye on, but that doesn’t mean Rosie O’Donnell wants any hand-outs! Much less, those from her arch nemesis, Donald Trump. Mark Burnett’s people reportedly tried to entice Rosie to make a guest appearance on celebrity edition of “The Apprentice” by offering the former co-host of “The View” $2 million. But Rosie wouldn’t bite.

Her appearance “would have entailed 12 days altogether.” However, “O’Donnell turned Trump down flat. ‘I wouldn’t do it for $200 million,’ Rosie was said to have responded.”

She’s a busy woman as it is, people! Does the world think that these wacky, celebrity-based poems are going to write themselves? For the love of all that is holy, there are enemies to be squelched, Amy Winehouse songs to sing and headbands to be worn. The woman can barely squeeze in a cruise here and there.