Rosie O’Donnell Taking a Break from the “Heteros”

June 18th, 2007 // 8 Comments

After leaving “The View,” Rosie O’Donnell has been staying busy as a special guest on Cyndi Lauper’s True Colors tour. This Sunday evening, she appeared on stage with the pop star, performing on the drums and then tossing her sticks into the audience. Before her performance, she talked about her highly publicized year on, and subsequent departure from “The View.”


“I got to tell you, I’ve been hanging around with those heteros for a full year and it’s not fun,” she said. “Turn around one minute and they’ll stab you in the back with a high heel. They will.”

That sounds very similar to one of my all-time favorite pop singles that I will never write, “Stiletto to the Heart.” Girl, please don’t front like queens don’t do the same damn thing. But I can see how all that squabbling got old. And now it seems that after spending her time as a co-host, it seems that Rosie might be looking for a less political hosting gig. She’s expressed an interest in taking over for the retired Bob Barker on his game show, “The Price is Right.” I think she’d probably do well. Until someone shows up and tells her the price is wrong. And then she is forced to beat them to death with koosh balls, which sounds like a rather fun way to die. Shoot, maybe I’ll do it.

By Lisa Timmons

  1. T-Bone

    So I guess she’s saying there’s no backstabbing, cheating, lying and various other deceptions going on in the gay community. Whatever Rosie-colored-glasses!

  2. Mr. T

    Rosie took lesbian bullying to new heights (or lows). Hard to argue with a lezzie zealot who made Michael Moore seem like a reasonable individual.

  3. Zekers

    I liked Rosie back when she did stand-up but she just continues to spiral into an abyss of narcissism. She’s nuts!

  4. bdayguurl

    Now, if Hasslebeck said she was taking a break from ‘the gays’, Rosie would be calling for her head on platter.

  5. mike

    Silly Rosie, you can’t ultimately trust anyone. Straight/gay, black/white, male/female, Christian/Muslim – they all have the capability of screwing you over.

  6. Linda B

    I admire Rosie but she is dead wrong about this one. ALL women (me included) and many gay men (lol) act the same way. Rosie got her feelings hurt on the View by Liz that day and she did what all we women do..she left. Sexual orientation does not make women less spiteful. Sorry to out us all on this one ladies but we all act catty and bratty at times. It’s part of being female..o well at least WE ask for directions when we are lost….lol

  7. shadygoddess

    Typical, “I’m gay so be tolerant of everything I do. Did I mention I’m gay?” then badmouths straight people. Give a little, get a little Rosie. And get a smile transplant, will ya? Not to mention some sleep. You are totally turning into a bloated, ‘middle-age crisis’ man.

  8. k

    she’s a hater.

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