Rosie O’Donnell REALLY Wants “The Price Is Right” Gig

June 19th, 2007 // 10 Comments

Like REALLY wants it. The former co-host on “The View” already has the go-ahead from Bob Barker himself and also has a meeting with CBS this week to discuss the possibility of her stepping in to replace Barker as host of the popular game show. On her website, she wrote:

“If they asked me, I sure would … I LOVE THE PRICE IS RIGHT.”

I know I’m going to sound like a total communist when I tell you that I haven’t ever even seen an episode of the show and can’t remember if it’s the game show I’m thinking about where people show up in weird outfits. I have no idea. All I know is that “The Price Is Right” set is right around the corner from “The Tyra Banks Show” offices and based on the potential for some insane Rosie vs. Tyra mayhem, I really, REALLY want Rosie to land that gig. I can smell some awesome vogue-offs in their near future.


By Lisa Timmons

  1. Michelle

    The show with the weird outfits was Let’s Make a Deal. They used to show it in syndication when I was like 5 and I loved all the “cool” outfits.

    & you’re right, you DO sound like a total communist for not having watched it. you may as well be a virgin. :]

  2. jen

    Well, if she gets the gig that will ruin the show for me. I won’t ever watch again (but then, I don’t watch now since I work), on second thought. Who cares.

  3. kelly


    Good God. It would be a travesty if Rosie O’Donnell hosted The Price is Right. It’d be off the air in two seconds, and everyone here knows it.

  4. Lisa

    Kelly you better watch out! If Ro’ finds out you’re dissing her, she’ll make you do the icky to her dark, moist girl parts.

  5. I’ve never watched THE PRICE IS RIGHT. Rosie doing the show seems a bit desparate to me. Wasn’t she supposed to be this hot prospect that NBC (?) is chasing after?

  6. stolidog

    let’s make a deal….fucking awesome show. First person to show me a ping pong ball gets 100.00!

  7. kelly

    haha, Lisa, you’re so right!! Who knows, maybe she’ll write a poem about me on her website. I’d better be watching my back. :P

  8. T-Bone

    No way, man, she’ll bully the contestants!

  9. rebecca

    Would Rosie be moving to Burbank? That would be balls. It might be a “beware what what you wish for” thing for Rosie. After a few weeks, the interaction with the middle America public might make her haiku turn into some seriously fucked up shit.

  10. Caboodle

    I disagree w/all the naysayers. I think Rosie would be excellent and I’d start watching the Price is Right again if she were there.

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