Rosie And Star On Whoopi

Everyone appears to be digging Whoopi on “The View” including her two predecessors, Big Ro and Bypassed Star. It’s chilling when everyone gets along and agrees on something. Give it time, though. I think the “View” might be able to actually drive sane people crazy and turn them into fire-breathing soapbox junkies. Whoppi, guard yourself! Bring your place of gladness with you! And when Hasselbeck starts speaking, sing showtunes in your head! Don’t show any emotion! That’s what that bitch feeds on!

“Whoopi is fantastic in every way and perfect for the job,” says Rosie.”She’s amazing and one of my favorites.”

“Whoopi is a smart women with an opinion, and an excellent choice, says another former “View” co-host, Star Jones Reynolds

That’s sweet. *crickets*. Yeah, you get off “The View” and suddenly you act all sane and shit. It’s disconcerting. Somebody say something we can write about. Oh, here’s something. Sources say that Sherri Shepherd was the other front-runner for the job but ABC was balking at giving her Whoopi’s alleged 2 million dollar salary. I don’t blame them. Who the f*ck is Sherri Shepherd? Is that the woman who works at the Dunkie’s down the street from me?*sigh* Now I feel better.