Rosie Aims Her Anger Rays At Bill O’Reilly

More angry haikus are flying from Rosie O’Donnell’s direction–most specifically, her blog–and this time, her target is right-wing talk-show host, Bill O’Reilly. Rosie’s angry rant comes in response to O’Reilly’s public announcement last week that she should be fired from ABC. She referred to him on her site as “a fattish … man of paralyzing stupidity, a mass of imbecile enthusiasms.” She also went on to compare O’Reilly’s relationship with Fox honcho, Rupert Murdoch, as reminiscent of a George Orwell novel. According to her it’s “like 1984/molding the facts/2 suit the needs/of big brother rupert.” From TMZ:

And Rosie also revealed that when she and co-host Joy Behar made reference on “The View” to a sex scandal involving O’Reilly, they were told they had to can it about O’Reilly or else “bill o would ‘go after’ all the hosts” of their show.

Well, Bill O. did go after Ro at least, as TMZ noted last week, calling Rosie “nutty” and “irresponsible” and suggesting that ABC should oust her from the show.

All I know is that these two would probably be evenly matched in a cage match to the death, if it ever were to come down to that–and I really hope it comes down to that.