Rosie Aims Her Anger Rays At Bill O’Reilly

April 2nd, 2007 // 18 Comments

More angry haikus are flying from Rosie O’Donnell’s direction–most specifically, her blog–and this time, her target is right-wing talk-show host, Bill O’Reilly. Rosie’s angry rant comes in response to O’Reilly’s public announcement last week that she should be fired from ABC. She referred to him on her site as “a fattish … man of paralyzing stupidity, a mass of imbecile enthusiasms.” She also went on to compare O’Reilly’s relationship with Fox honcho, Rupert Murdoch, as reminiscent of a George Orwell novel. According to her it’s “like 1984/molding the facts/2 suit the needs/of big brother rupert.” From TMZ:

And Rosie also revealed that when she and co-host Joy Behar made reference on “The View” to a sex scandal involving O’Reilly, they were told they had to can it about O’Reilly or else “bill o would ‘go after’ all the hosts” of their show.

Well, Bill O. did go after Ro at least, as TMZ noted last week, calling Rosie “nutty” and “irresponsible” and suggesting that ABC should oust her from the show.

All I know is that these two would probably be evenly matched in a cage match to the death, if it ever were to come down to that–and I really hope it comes down to that.

By Lisa Timmons

  1. SmartyPants

    This fat bitch needs to finally shut the hell up. I am sooooo tired of her ranting about something, or someone, even if she is right.

  2. Shasta

    ‘She referred to him on her site as “a fattish … man of paralyzing stupidity, a mass of imbecile enthusiasms.”‘

    Um, no she didn’t. She quoted Orwell’s “1984″ and those are Orwell’s words.

  3. jv

    you know what I love? I love watching Bill o’s head pop off when someone ELSE is strong with their opinions when they don’t mirror his.

    He is an embarrasment to the US media — the fact that he is loved by so many is even worse. He is an extremist in the ugliest of ways.

    I’m unfraid as I am not American but see his propaganda for what it is (just like Rosie) … I agree with the post saying her ranting about everthing is a getting a little old at 11am BUT she is right.


  4. John L.

    Rosie is a fattish woman of paralyzing stupidity, a mass of imbecile enthusiasms. Yeah, I know that my statement about Rosie is basically plagiarism, but it fits her more than it fits Rupert or Bill.

  5. me

    “a fattish … man of paralyzing stupidity, a mass of imbecile enthusiasms”

    Not that I love Oreilly, but when the same quote can be applied to you, Rosie, I wouldn’t talk.

  6. Jon

    Rosie RULES! She is the only daytime host who tells the truth to her audience. No one else has the balls to speak their minds. You go Ro!

  7. Bliss

    I really don’t like Fox news. I feel they always state just one side of the story. They should also try to find a more left-wing commentator to try and balance their news disscusion programs.

    In regards to Rosie, she has a right to state her opinion. I think people are smart enough to realize she is on a program in which people state their view, and she is not a poltical or hard-core news analyst.

    We all have to remember the war in Iraq was a mistake, and based on faulty evidence, why shouldn’t we question any other situations that may start a war with Iran.

  8. rick

    Bill O’reilly is an independent not a right winger. He is very left on the environment. He has been a huge force in passing Jessicas law. He graduated from Havard and can out debate most anybody. Yes at times he gets a bit grumpy but not so much in recent years. Rosie has recently been spouting off about our government blowing up the towers on 9/11. She is an angry conspiracy theory loon. I cant believe people listen to her. She is getting out of control.

  9. cell

    Rosie has recently been spouting off about our government blowing up the towers on 9/11.
    your above statement is false! You need to get your facts straight before you bspout them out.
    Rosie never said she believed it was the US government. Actually she was asked on the View if that is what she believed and she said no.
    She said it should be investigated… how and who destroyed the building.

  10. Amanda

    Rosie needs to shut her mouth. My husband is retired USAF & was in an airplane on the morning of 9/11 heading from Baltimore to Seattle. At the time, I remember watching the events unfold and not knowing whether he was dead or alive.

    And, she is disrespectful to Elisabeth. In my opninion, she needs to stop bringing up politics every single day & just move on. Her “view” is not the only one that is correct.

    There are other things to talk about. Believe me, I do not get my political fix by watching a cheesy ABC talk show.

  11. desertboy

    Yeah right Bill O’righty is an “Independent”. He sucks Bush’s @#$%% every chance he gets on that right wing channel he’s on. Independent my arse.

  12. Ryan

    desertboy said:

    Yeah right Bill O’righty is an “Independent”. He sucks Bush’s @#$%% every chance he gets on that right wing channel he’s on. Independent my arse.

    Posted on April 2, 2007 08:20 PM

    I second that!

  13. Honee B


    the whole point of Rosie being brought on the show is to state her opinion. That’s why it’s called “The View” if she shut her mouth it wouldn’t be as entertaining. (Believe me, I watched last season) I think Rosie is great! There is finally someone who will willingly go toe 2 toe with Elisabeth’s stupid ass! Her(elisabeth)views are so diluted it’s disgusting!!!! after everything that has went on especially with the recent activities of the Bush Admin. she still believes in those idiots!!! I understand your husband was in 9/11 but Rosie has always supported our troops and their families. But that doesn’t mean she has to support this war. She is honest enough to speak her opinion w/o worrying about if it will effect her career (like Barbara). I for one find it refreshing…and sometimes funny! But I will admit she gets so emotional (so does Elisabeth) that she tends to loudly overtalk the other hosts. But I’d rather hear that than Elisabeth’s excuses as to why Bill Clinton getting head in the Oval Office is still worse than the bullshit Bush and his administration have and are doing!!!!

  14. Linda

    I think it is really amusing that O’Reilly thinks it’s his God given right to spew HIS opinion while he goes on a public tirade if someone voices a differing opinion. Whether you agree with either of them free speech is something we are all guaranteed (supposedly). If I recall correctly Rosie O donated 1 million dollars of her own money within days of 9/11 to help where ever needed. If you ask me that’s putting your money where your mouth is. She is not the only person in this country asking questions about what happened that day. There is a very simple way to shut her up…answer the question.

  15. Michelle

    “SmartyPants” “rick” “Amanda”
    You are all misinformed, woefully ignorant people who obviously don’t care about this country as you’d prefer to keep your heads stuck in the stand. The truth is coming out finally, and this whitewashed mainstream media crap isn’t going to cut it anymore. It’s about time someone stood up and starting speaking the TRUTH out loud, in a public way. I applaud Rosie O Donnell. Wake up people and educate yourselves. Ignorance is no longer bliss.

  16. Danigirl

    Finally… someone willing to ask questions! What do people fear with asking the question? Are they afraid of the answer? That makes me more suspicious and eager to start asking questions too! The energy put into shutting the question down is quite curious don’t you think?

  17. NotTheMomma

    Why is it when someone stands up to this fat cow they’re the bad guy? I think someone needs to get a harpoon gun and shoot this fat whale. Oh, wait, she’s a cow not a whale. Doesn’t matter, she’s so fat she puts on her makeup with a paint roller.

  18. derbal

    #9, Cell
    you need check the facts. rosie did the usual liberal left play on words. she did everything but accuse the us of plotting 9/11. she said ” i dont know, but it’s the first time in history that fire melted steel” when asked if the govt did it. come on! that’s like asking her “do you think bush should be taken out of office?” and she replies “i don’t know, but i think someone should take a shotgun and blow his head off” and then turn around and say “i didn’t say he should be taken outof office, i just said “i don’t know”.
    give me a break. this pig, who hates bush with a passion, hates america even more, honestly believes bush took those towers down. you can’t sit there and tell me she doesn’t believe it when everything she spews is hatred for bush.
    now, post again and i’ll make a fool out of you again.

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