Surprise! Rosie O’Donnell’s Got Something To Say About Britney’s Head

I love that I’m one to talk, because I’m clearly not going to shut up about it myself, but digressions aside…

The thing with Rosie O’Donnell is that I pretty much have zero idea on how she’s going to stand on most issues until I hear her very strong and usually unwavering view. And when I first saw the headline on Star (“Rosie Reaches Out To Bald Britney”) that she had spoken out about Brit’s recent self-imposed extreme makeover by posting a haiku on her website, I couldn’t help but wonder if this was going to be the beginning of a feud or a beautiful friendship. And then I read her blog in which the haiku could be found, entitled, “healing.”

After reading, it was clear to me that Rosie is trying to offer Britney a sympathetic ear. And I do think that although the sentiment is possibly coming from the right place, I can’t help but wonder if Rosie’s putting up her haiku blog posts up via text message. (Here’s me crossing my fingers that that joke hasn’t already been made…)

Continue after the jump for Rosie’s poetic intervention…


kathy griffins dad died

she arrived just now
in miami
only to hear and turn around
back home 2 him
and her mom
reality tv must wait
as it should

she was to perform
leaving tomorrow
trip number 4

off we go
into the sea
seeming strangers
let the magic begin

brittney shaved her hair
out out damn spot

in the movie in my mind
she says yes
help me
and i do
we both connect – get through
she is saved

somehow so am i

the bottom for a celebrity
has too much cushion
money buys detachment
no responsibility

many moms -
of kids in ur sons class
want to shave their hair off
and get a tattoo

they dont because they cant
noone is there 2 watch the kids
what would the neighbors say

the pta meeting
would be humiliating
on many levels

real life
can save u
u have to – no choice

super rich 24 yr olds
who have spent half their lives
mary kate and ashley
miss britt
same same same

i want them to come live with us
thinking there is healing here
it worked for me

u can carve out something real
there in pretend-ville
real life awaits
as perspective shifts

compassion aids healing