Roseanne To Replace Rosie?

April 30th, 2007 // 3 Comments


With Rosie O’Donnell off “The View,” ABC execs have been scrambling to come up with a replacement for the outspoken co-host. And there’s a rumor floating around that Roseanne Barr is their top choice.

“She’s a piece of work, she’s a character, she says what’s on her mind and she’s funny,” said a source with knowledge of ABC’s sudden and desperate search to find a new co-host to replace O’Donnell who quit the show last week.

“They’re missing strong personalities on that show, and that’s what they’re going to need if they want to keep it going,” an ABC staffer close to the situation told the Post.

Last week, Barr appeared on “Larry King,” but evaded any direct questions about whether or not she planned on joining the daytime talk show.

“I’m not looking for the job,” she said at one point – and joking at another, “Well, I want $10 million, like Rosie.”

$10 million? Heck, I’d pick a fight with Donald Trump for that kind of money. Actually, there’s not a whole lot I wouldn’t do for that kind of money–including putting on a taco suit and dancing the electric slide on national television. You hear that ABC? I will be your dancing taco, if only you’re willing to give me a chance. These root canals aren’t going to pay for themselves.

By Lisa Timmons

  1. John

    IMO, Roseanne would be the perfect choice. She’s naturally funny, loud, brash, opinionated and intelligent. She’s also a liberal and be able to take on Elisabeth. And she’s a mom and a divorcee.

    Although she wasn’t strong enough to pull in viewers for her own talker a few years back, the VIEW would definitely retain their new viewer surge with the addition of this new Rosie.

  2. Me

    Roseanne isn’t some fake who is pushing lesbianism for all its worth just to make a buck. (The appeal of which is about two minutes, O’Donnell. Yeah, you heard).

    When Roseanne says something, it’s probably because she really means it. Buh Bye, Rosie!

  3. Jonathan


    Roseanne would be a great choice!

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