Roseanne Barr Disses Oprah and Obama

Photos: Getty Images

She may look like Strawberry Shortcake here, but don’t be fooled, Roseanne Barr’s still doing her best to piss people off. The Huffington Post is showing an excerpt from Roseanne Barr’s blog, in which she criticizes Oprah Winfrey for endorsing Barack Obama over Hilary Clinton, saying to the talk show host, “Oprah, you play the race card and the gender card too.” She refers to Obama as “an empty suit selling ‘hope’ in lieu of Truth” and accuses him of secretly favoring “right wing corporate racist anti worker bullshit.”

In response to the uproar caused by her statements, Roseanne has already posted additional posts to clarify her position, stating, “I am so sorry for sounding like I don’t like Oprah or Obama. I do. Oprah has been a force for good for a long time, and I just got carried away with my preference for Hilary over Obama.” Yeah, I wouldn’t fuck with Oprah. It’s all fun and games until Gayle shows up at your house with a gun and quietly tells you to get in the car and drive. How else do you think she gets to hang with O and go on all those fancy trips? She pays her way with the blood of Oprah’s enemies.