Rose McGowan’s Looking Fierce

May 12th, 2006 // 17 Comments

As we say goodbye to Rose McGowan on Charmed as one of the Halliwell sisters, we say hello to the new and improved Rose McGowan. Wow. She’s looks amazing here. Not a big fan of the boots, but regardless, she looks stunning. Dita eat your heart out.

More photos of Rose McGowen strutting her stuff, after the jump.

(Images via Gossip Rocks)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Savannah

    what have I missed? Why is she leaving charmed??

  2. neeko

    as if dita needs to be worried about this scrawny mouse; dita is way sexier than rose.
    rose and marylin were over, like a gazillion years ago

  3. skrpune

    ewww, why won’t bad 80′s fashion GO AWAY?! First it was the leggings & now it’s the slouch boots, t-dresses, gigantic belts…it was a bad idea the first time, and it’s an even worse idea the second time!!

  4. Draya

    The clothes aside, She really IS very pretty!

  5. tido

    looks like young priscilla presely

  6. Blank

    She’s pretty, but she looks like a walking mannequin in these pictures, and I see she’s joined the shrinking starlets club. She used to have a very pretty, fuller figure like Scarlett Johanssen (don’t know if I spelled SJ’s last name right).

  7. anonnn

    Rose has always been pretty, but it looks like she is wearing a huge WIG here!!! What is up with that?

  8. Kelly

    Nothing against Rose, but I just don’t see it. I mean, she’s pale ( yeah, I know, some folks like that, but…), and she really hasn’t got a figure. So, a tan and some weight wouldn’t hurt.

  9. Liz

    Ummm – she is pretty but that wig is horrible. Perhaps she got it from the Jessica Simpson collection…

  10. Small Fry

    I think this is the first time I’d ever encourage a Mystic Tan. This girl is in need of some color!

  11. timmons622

    Savannah, the show’s done. One new episode left – forever. WB/CW SUX.
    Rose is the top Charmed One ever.

    And She’s got that old Hollywood look down, which we’re not used to because of the scumsluts out there now. Rose is a classic beauty not some manufactured pod person.

    She gets my vote for anything she does going forward!

  12. Lisa

    Didn’t realize she was leaving Charmed, I stopped watching it after Cole left. I never really like Paige anyway, Pru was much better.

  13. Felicia Jones

    Nice legs, otherwise she looks like ass.

  14. Jessie Williams

    Charmed has been cancelled. The series finale airs next Sunday.

  15. Green Eyed Angel

    She defin. stole those boots off the set of Pirates of the Caribbean.

  16. jules

    Bitch needs to keep her hands off of Robert Rodriguez.

  17. Mary Shepard

    Yeah, the weight-loss looks really bad on her…

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