Rose McGowan Hacking Up Her Face Cost Her “Speed Racer”

September 20th, 2007 // 29 Comments

Anyone who’s seen Rose McGowan lately know she’s had her face sliced, diced, julienned and then secured back to her skull rather tightly. She looked like a burn victim in “Grindhouse”. She wasn’t playing one. Anyway, reports are now saying that all the plastic surgery she had done cost her a role in the The Wachowski Brothers’ upcoming live action take on “Speed Racer”. I guess as Trixie. What about the monkey? She could be Racer X! He wears a mask.

McGowan, 34, has admitted to having plastic surgery for an eye injury related to a car accident. But casting skeptics suspect she has had much more done, and that it cost her the role.

“The studio felt like she was hard to recognize and worried that by the time the movie hit theaters, fans might not know who she was,” says our insider.

A rep for the actress said “she was not pursuing this role.”

Zac Efron also reportedly lost out on the lead for not being “believable as a leading man/hero”. And for being flamingly gay. America’s heroes don’t usually come mincing out from behind the MAC counter at Neiman’s. Unless there’s an eyebrow emergency or something.


By J. Harvey

  1. rootabega

    hole. lee. shyte. i cannot believe her face!! she looks like she was beaten! aww, i feel bad for her.

  2. nastybugger

    don’t feel too bad for her…she’s a homewrecker.

    and not that good of an actress, IMO.

  3. peachpie

    i hate it when i date myself by talking about old-timey sh*t. but. rose looks like dixie carter used to look in the olden days. you know… horses, buggies, outhouses, shootouts on main street at high noon… stuff like that.

  4. green cardigan

    She’s 34. That is incredible that she would do that to herself at that age. She looks like she’s had her cheeks dragged up over her ears.

  5. ZeldaF

    Who’s home did she wreck? I don’t remember that. Anyway, I think she’s really cute. I don’t see what looks so bad about her. Don’t know about her acting, what has she done?

  6. stolidog

    She got her neck broken and her face smashed crawling through a cat door in an automatic garage door. It may look like that happened to her in real life, but that was in the movie “Scream”.

  7. nastybugger

    zeldaF…she is currently dating (or engaged to, depending on what you read) Robert Rodriguez, the guy who directed her in Planet Terror or whichever one of those “Grindhouse” movies she was in.

    He was married while filming, they were hooking up while filming, and he ditched his wife (of 15+ years) to be with her. or his wife ditched him when she found out…in either case, that’s whose home she wrecked.

    oh, and this is what she USED to look like. much better, IMO.

  8. silvarga

    tsk tsk tsk, Po’ Child.

  9. ZeldaF

    Thanks Nasty. So……. Our little Rose is a Tart?

  10. Gabrielle

    LOL! Why is it always the woman’s fault when a man cheats? Rodriguez is just as at fault!

    And this surgery happened some months ago. She claimed she was in a car accident and that her sunglasses cut her below her right eye and she needed plastic surgery to fix it. She actually DOES have a scar under that eye. But it DOES look like she got a wee bit more than a wound fixed.

  11. nastybugger

    gabrielle, if it makes you feel better…yes, he was at fault too.

    however, HE isn’t the subject of this thread.

  12. Applespice

    Has anyone else noticed she looks kind of like Janice Dickinson?

  13. NotARoseFan

    What you see is karma face. She destroyed a marriage and a family and karma slapped her ass down bad. She now looks just like Judy Garland did at at 47. God works in mysterious ways!

  14. stolidog

    “she destroyed a marriage”…oh please. The sancity of marriage died with the poodle skirt.

    everybody cheats, it’s what makes marriage fun!

  15. Bob Sacamano

    Each procedure she’s had to make herself look younger has tacked on about 15 years. She was so pretty, it’s a shame. I like the notion of ‘karma face’ though.

  16. vik

    Gabrielle said:
    LOL! Why is it always the woman’s fault when a man cheats? Rodriguez is just as at fault!

    coz men are usually always up for it..these things happen when the women encourage & let ‘em in..

  17. none

    You mean Wachowski sisters right?

  18. frozenbarbie

    she is looking good in the other pictures give her a break (the picture you shoose for the article is kind of strange…)

  19. Julie

    Don’t forget that the marriage of 16 years produced 5 children as well. I hope Rose can be a step-mother to 5 kids since she broke up with Marilyn Manson because he wanted kids. Good luck Rose.

    PS-She can’t act at all!
    If you ever get the privilege of meeting Rose she likes to make fun of her fans. She calls them ugly and tells them to get away from her. This was at a meet & greet. Nice!!!

  20. Panamahat

    Are all you people BLIND?
    She looks stunning. She is gorgeous. You must be the same warped people who thought Spears looked FAT.
    Hollywood and the media has damaged your perception
    of how women should look

  21. Kay

    Wow, so she’s mean to fans, can’t even act, has a fake face and got with a man who was married with kids. NEXT! She’s worthless. And that director will feel like an idiot when he realises that she’s (probably) just using him.

  22. PaulieGoGo

    This is the reason why I HATE celebrity gossip and tabloids rags. She doesn’t looks that bad! Could it be that she is getting older and no longer has her babyface? Could it be that she lost some weight and it shows in her face? You guys are pathetic. She looked fantastic in “Planet Doom”. I think you guys are just jealous. You build them up and take the down. It just blows my mind when people make fun of celebrities for getting plastic surgery and then turn around and make fun them for getting old or having weight problems. Heaven forbid that they actually be “human”. That was my Chris Crocker impression… GOODNIGHT!!!

  23. mo

    Ya’all are friggin’ crazy!! Anyone in the skin business knows that a little microderm and a great electric facial (a fav of Madonna) can make your skin look tight in one night (and one picture). Where are the other pics of this so called surgery? One picture just proves that she went to an event too soon after a facial (and a lot of fake lashes)!!! That girl is beautiful! Blame the industry…not the lady!

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  25. anti-californian


  26. sammy no feet

    dude i would totally nail rose back in the day and even now prolly but fuck that she was so sexy in charmed right next to my #1 lady alissa

  27. JagoHits

    Damn that cute lil puppy dog face is gone forever,,her face looks terrible now.. At least she still has a smokin hott body..But damnit man that “REAL” face she used to have made her a 99/100 no she’s only about 84/100 in terms of hotness.. Shoulda just kept the lil scar Rose,, woulda maybe even made you look sexier….

  28. Prema
    Commented on this photo:

    I cannot believe she looks so much older than 36. She was so beautiful before. A natural beauty. Nothing she can do now.

  29. Michael Compton

    What a shame. I couldn’t care less about her personal life – i’m just a movie/tv watcher, not her shrink – but as such i’m sad to see that her real face is now gone. Totally different face. Like Jennifer Grey before her, she took something that was unique and beautiful (literally…not in a sappy way), and altered it beyond recognition. One may or may not like her new look, but there’s no question that the face i always found particularly lovely is gone forever. Sad, to me (though i hope it makes her happy).

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