Rose McGowan Hacking Up Her Face Cost Her “Speed Racer”

Anyone who’s seen Rose McGowan lately know she’s had her face sliced, diced, julienned and then secured back to her skull rather tightly. She looked like a burn victim in “Grindhouse”. She wasn’t playing one. Anyway, reports are now saying that all the plastic surgery she had done cost her a role in the The Wachowski Brothers’ upcoming live action take on “Speed Racer”. I guess as Trixie. What about the monkey? She could be Racer X! He wears a mask.

McGowan, 34, has admitted to having plastic surgery for an eye injury related to a car accident. But casting skeptics suspect she has had much more done, and that it cost her the role.

“The studio felt like she was hard to recognize and worried that by the time the movie hit theaters, fans might not know who she was,” says our insider.

A rep for the actress said “she was not pursuing this role.”

Zac Efron also reportedly lost out on the lead for not being “believable as a leading man/hero”. And for being flamingly gay. America’s heroes don’t usually come mincing out from behind the MAC counter at Neiman’s. Unless there’s an eyebrow emergency or something.