Rose McGowan Explains Eye Droop


Rose McGown has occupied a place in my heart ever since she was the best character in “Scream.” Plus, she got offed in the best way possible – girl got her head crushed in a doggie door! Who else goes out like that but retarded burglars? Anyway, she’s got TWO starring roles in “Grindhouse”, and she’s explaining why it looks like she had some kinda botched plastic surgery under her peepers .

ROSE McGowan , a star of upcoming gore-fest “Grindhouse,” had a gory experience of her own a few weeks ago – but it could have been worse. McGowan was a passenger in a car that collided with another, and the accident pushed her eyeglasses into her face. “I didn’t realize I was hurt until I put my hand to my face and felt the flap of skin. My glasses had sliced me under my eye,” the gorgeous actress tells us. She was terrified of scarring, but found an excellent plastic surgeon.

For reals? Cuz’, I’ve seen some close-ups and if by “excellent”, you mean “uses a seeing-eye dog and you would have trouble explaining the concept of color to him”, you ain’t far off, Rosey. I’m SO seeing your hot movie, though. She plays a STRIPPER WITH A MACHINE GUN FOR A LEG WHO EVADES MISSLES BY DOING SLUTTY BACK BRACE MOVES. I’m quivering.

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